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Thinking about getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and pursuing a career as a professional truck driver? The first thing you need to do is learn to drive a truck. There’s any number of course options available to help you accomplish this. There are hundreds of locations across the country. Some companies even offer their own training programs to get you started. There are so many options it might get overwhelming to get started. However, if a packaged training and a guaranteed job afterwards sounds good to you, start here. When it comes to taking a company sponsored CDL training, what exactly do you need to know?

What is Company Sponsored CDL Training?

There are various levels of what that sponsorship might mean. Company sponsored CDL training does not necessarily mean it’s at no cost to you. Some carriers will train you for free, and even pay you a small wage during the training class. That usually comes with a requirement for you to work for the carrier for some time once you get licensed. But then it might have an automatic repayment program in place once you’re officially driving for them. Some carriers may charge a reduced rate for the training, and will guarantee a job for you after graduation, but they don’t pay you while you’re in school. Other programs will simply pay your tuition to a local training program, and then hire you drive for them once licensed.

You need to be clear from the start about what you’re agreeing to do in exchange for the company sponsored CDL training. Ask questions first, so you’ll have less regrets later.

Sometimes FREE might not always mean what it seems. There might be strings attached, so make sure to do your research and know exactly what you’re agreeing to do after the training is finished. Knowing that you’re making a first step to a new career, it’s worthwhile to make sure you know exactly what to expect once you have your CDL.

Pros & Cons of Company Sponsored CDL Training

When working through a tough decision, there’s always positive and negatives to either choice. Choosing the type of CDL training you’re going to pursue is no different. Regardless of what program you choose, ensure that you’re fully prepared for the training and have thoroughly investigate all of your options.

Finding a program that is properly accredited and has great reviews might seem hard to find, but keep looking, there’s a good one out there for you.


  • No out of pocket money for tuition
  • Paid while in training:  “earn while you learn”
  • Using company equipment to learn
  • Guaranteed job after graduation


  • Training might not be where you live
  • Expenses incurred during training
  • No exposure to other types of driving
  • Might not have exposure to modern equipment
  • Committed to working for the company when you graduate

New drivers have plenty to think about after they’ve got their license. Now they need to focus on getting miles logged and learning the ropes of the road. Getting that time in the seat and getting experience on the road is a crucial next step. From there driver need to continually hone their skills as they work through their CDL trucking careers. The training is just the start, but once trained, a new driver will be well on their way to a life over the road from here.


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Image via Holland Trucking Co.

Holland Trucking Co.’s veteran apprenticeship program may combat their struggle with the driver shortage.

Ever since the driver shortage began nearly 15 years ago, freight companies across the nation felt its sting. Recruiters of Michigan-based Holland Trucking Co. face the same challenges. But, instead of waiting for a change, they face the issue head on.

Holland Trucking Co. partnered with the federal department of Labor and Veterans Affairs to create a veteran training program. Overall, the program helps vets transition back into civilian life.

“Veterans, certainly we’re interested in, because they’ve already got the quality we’re looking for in any of our employees.”

“The focus, the discipline, the critical thinking skills … we’re definitely interested in that pool of candidates entering the program,” Tamara Jalving, director of talent acquisition at Holland, told Transport Topics.

Vets without a commercial drivers license enter the Dock-to-Driver program. Then, they will complete training and engage in professional mentorship until they earn their CDL. Those vets who already have their CDL will continue to work with industry professionals, and earn any necessary hours and endorsements to complete their certification.

In addition, the driver training program is available in 51 of Holland’s 53 locations. The Dock-to-Driver program is available in 26 locations.


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Volvo Trucks North America expands the Diesel Advanced Technology Education program for Volvo Technicians.

Image via Volvo Trucks

Volvo takes its trucks seriously.

The Volvo Trucks Academy instructs future dealer Volvo technicians over 500 hours so they learn each vehicle’s electrical systems, chassis components, powertrains, and software and engine diagnosis.

Matt Flynn, director of Volvo Trucks Academy, says, “The Diesel Advanced Technology Education program provides students with the education and skills needed to excel in a high-demand career.

“The program prepares graduates for a technician career in our dealer network. Also, they receive hands-on maintenance and repair training to service the advanced modern truck technologies delivering unprecedented efficiency, performance, and safety benefits.”

In addition, Volvo partnered with three colleges to develop the program:

  • Jones Technical Institute in Jacksonville, Fla.
  • University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima, Ohio
  • Western Technical College in El Paso, Texas.

Furthermore, Volvo-certified instructors teach the curriculum for the Volvo technicians. Also, DATE graduates receive an associate’s degree in diesel mechanics and a job at any of Volvo’s dealerships.


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