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A Road to Resilience: A Vietnam Vet’s Trucker Testimony

In a profound journey of healing, Leroy N., an NFI truck driver, shares his transformative experience with Waypoint Vets’ Vietnam Mission Expedition. Returning to Vietnam after nearly 50 years marked a pivotal moment for Leroy. His five years in the Army left Leroy fighting battles seen and unseen, and a trip back to Vietnam brought […]

Pros and Cons of Being a Tanker Truck Driver

When someone says they’re a truck driver, some people might think that’s all there is to it. But if you’re a driver, no matter if you’re in your first year or a seasoned veteran, you know that there are many types of driving jobs. Today’s spotlight is on being a tanker truck driver. What do […]

The Impact of Truck Driver Moving Violations on Your CDL

Moving violations are the gift that keeps on giving. Of course, safe driving practices are the best solution, but violations happen. If you have violations on your motor vehicle record (MVR) or Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP), there are steps you should take before your next job interview. Don’t get caught by surprise by a violation […]


Truck Driver Tax Deductions: 9 Things to Claim

Tax season may not be your favorite time of the year, but it also shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of. As a truck driver, there are a number of tax deductions that you could be taking advantage of this year. Here are those deductions, plus the three golden rules of filing taxes. Find your Form […]

Everything to Know as a Ready Mix Driver

There aren’t many drivers who can boast that they’re helping to literally build their community from the ground up. Ready Mix Drivers are the exception. We were able to talk to Marcus, a ready mix driver with PAHL Ready Mix Concrete to learn what the job’s like as well as some important factors around it, […]

Hauling Livestock: 3 Things to Know

If you’re a truck driver looking for a new haul, you may (or may not have) considered hauling livestock. There’s a lot of notions out there about what working with livestock is and isn’t. That’s why we talked to a livestock hauler who told us what the job is really like and gave some tips […]

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD? 4 Things to Know

Over the past few years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of medicinal marijuana-related products, specifically CBD. Truck drivers may be thinking of turning to CBD oils and lotions for relief from aches and pains that come from the job, but they should know all the facts before they do.   The issue is that the […]

Tips for Passing the CDL Driving Test

If you’ve recently passed the CDL driving test, you know the relief, pride, and satisfaction that comes along with it. Truck driving can be a great career, and if you’re thinking about becoming a driver, passing the CDL driving test is your first step. Here’s what you need to know to pass the CDL test with […]

13 CDL Class A Endorsements and Restrictions

There are three options when getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL): the CDL A, the CDL B or the CDL C. Each class has its own training requirements and testing procedures, and there are pros and cons to explore for each type. Your lifestyle and career plans dictate which license will be the best fit […]