Volvo Trucks North America expands the Diesel Advanced Technology Education program for Volvo Technicians.

Image via Volvo Trucks

Volvo takes its trucks seriously.

The Volvo Trucks Academy instructs future dealer Volvo technicians over 500 hours so they learn each vehicle’s electrical systems, chassis components, powertrains, and software and engine diagnosis.

Matt Flynn, director of Volvo Trucks Academy, says, “The Diesel Advanced Technology Education program provides students with the education and skills needed to excel in a high-demand career.

“The program prepares graduates for a technician career in our dealer network. Also, they receive hands-on maintenance and repair training to service the advanced modern truck technologies delivering unprecedented efficiency, performance, and safety benefits.”

In addition, Volvo partnered with three colleges to develop the program:

  • Jones Technical Institute in Jacksonville, Fla.
  • University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima, Ohio
  • Western Technical College in El Paso, Texas.

Furthermore, Volvo-certified instructors teach the curriculum for the Volvo technicians. Also, DATE graduates receive an associate’s degree in diesel mechanics and a job at any of Volvo’s dealerships.


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