Northern California fleet finds success with renewable diesel.

After hearing about the savings in fuel costs and truck maintenance possible with Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel, Cherokee Freight tried the fuel. The food carrier, which specializes in kosher-certified hauling, test Neste’s fuel in February 2017. And, after about 18 months, the company reports great results.

Richard Damilano, Cherokee’s operations manager, told Neste that he found the transition to be easy. “It’s a drop-in fuel replacement, so the switch was seamless.”

In addition, Art Cortez, a Cherokee shop foreman, agreed. He believes the trucks run better than ever. Between Neste’s fuel and Cherokee’s new equipment, Cortez says he’s seen a serious improvement in fuel economy.

Regular diesel contains impurities that can clog diesel particulate filters (DPF), contaminate the fuel, and ruin fuel injectors. However, Neste’s renewable diesel is a a low-carbon biofuel, meaning it contains 33 percent fewer fine particulates than ordinary diesel. In addition, 100-percent renewable raw materials makes up the fuel, cutting greenhouse emissions by up to 80 percent. Also, unlike biodiesel, Neste’s fuel is a direct replacement fuel, so it is compatible with all engines and doesn’t require blending.


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