Image via Holland Trucking Co.

Holland Trucking Co.’s veteran apprenticeship program may combat their struggle with the driver shortage.

Ever since the driver shortage began nearly 15 years ago, freight companies across the nation felt its sting. Recruiters of Michigan-based Holland Trucking Co. face the same challenges. But, instead of waiting for a change, they face the issue head on.

Holland Trucking Co. partnered with the federal department of Labor and Veterans Affairs to create a veteran training program. Overall, the program helps vets transition back into civilian life.

“Veterans, certainly we’re interested in, because they’ve already got the quality we’re looking for in any of our employees.”

“The focus, the discipline, the critical thinking skills … we’re definitely interested in that pool of candidates entering the program,” Tamara Jalving, director of talent acquisition at Holland, told Transport Topics.

Vets without a commercial drivers license enter the Dock-to-Driver program. Then, they will complete training and engage in professional mentorship until they earn their CDL. Those vets who already have their CDL will continue to work with industry professionals, and earn any necessary hours and endorsements to complete their certification.

In addition, the driver training program is available in 51 of Holland’s 53 locations. The Dock-to-Driver program is available in 26 locations.


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