truckers-for-troopsWith Veterans Day on the horizon, those with owner operator trucking jobs are showing their support for American service men and women overseas. And they’re doing it in the most meaningful of ways.

Truckers for Troops, an initiative led by the Owner Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA), raises funds to send care packages to armed forces overseas during the holidays.

This year’s fundraising campaign runs from Nov. 7-11.

“This is a way for our members to actively participate and help troops,” says Norita Taylor, public relations director for OOIDA. “We knew a lot of our members were veterans, and that’s one of the reasons we started Truckers for Troops. About 10 years ago, there was a lot of activity in the Middle East. Members would often ask us if anything could be done for troops overseas. We knew care packages were popular, and we decided we could ask for donations around the holidays and match them.”

During the week of the campaign, new OOIDA memberships and renewal memberships are discounted to $35, a $10 savings.

10 percent of the total membership fees raised during the week benefits Truckers for Troops, and OOIDA matches that amount. Individual donations to the Truckers for Troops fund, no matter how small, also are welcome.

With the funds raised, Truckers for Troops assembles care packages that contain socks, Gold Bond powder, snacks, books, soup, even oddities such as silly string that troops use on the job. The packages also contain cards from schoolchildren and churches, for a personal touch.

The packages impressed the troops, and many of them wrote notes of appreciation.

“We do all the assembling, shipping and purchasing of the items in house,” Taylor says. “Our members have responded enthusiastically and find the process very rewarding.”

Since Truckers for Troops launched in 2007, OOIDA members have raised more than $500,000 for the cause. To contribute during next week’s campaign, call 800-444-5791 or sign up for an Owner Operator Independent Driver Association membership here.


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