One of the hardest parts about being a truck driver is missing holidays and being far from home during important celebrations when your job calls for you to be on the road. This sacrifice should never go unrecognized as truckers work to keep our economy and daily life on track heading into the busy holiday season. However, if you’re going to be on the road this Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on one of the best parts of the holiday: the food! 


Whether you want a reminder of a traditional, home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner or you’re just looking to take a break from truck stop restaurants, there are countless recipes that can be made with just a few ingredients and tools from the comfort of your tractor.  Keep reading to find out everything you need to bring the celebration on the road with you this Thanksgiving holiday.  


Tools for a Kitchen on Wheels 

You might be surprised by how many home-cooked meals can be made right out of your truck. Over the years, truck drivers have found many creative ways to make their trucks feel like home, including using small kitchen appliances to cook or meal prep when they’re on the road.  


A slow cooker, crock pot, or portable stove is the perfect tool for creating meat dishes, vegetables, and even desserts without taking up much room. Just make sure your truck has the power capabilities necessary for the job. An inverter and an auxiliary power unit (APU) work together so you can easily operate all your appliances, even when your truck is off.  


A small collection of spices, Zipper storage bags, and tupperware are also important to maximize your space while still being able to cook and store home-cooked meals. Square plastic baskets can help you organize your space, and it’s always helpful to secure everything you cook with before you hit the road. Nobody wants a slow cooker flying through the air when they take a turn!  


Thanksgiving Recipes To Go 

With just a few tools and some simple ingredients, you can bring the comfort of Thanksgiving staple foods to wherever you are this year.  


For most people, the first dish they think of when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey. Surprisingly, making a delicious turkey on the road isn’t difficult at all. Slow cooker turkey breasts can be the perfect main course, and will leave plenty for leftovers throughout the week! Just plug your slow cooker into the inverter, salt and pepper the turkey breasts, and add one cup of water or chicken broth to the liner of the pot. Let this simmer on low for five hours, and you’re good to go! There are countless variations if you’re looking to spice up the turkey, such as this one, that uses dry onion soup mix to create a gravy.  


Sides, Desserts, and More! 

If you feel like no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without sides like stuffing or green beans, there are plenty of easy recipes to make your truck feel just like home. Once again, a slow cooker is the perfect appliance to make delicious Thanksgiving sides, no oven necessary! 


Making stuffing requires a bit more prep than turkey, as you combine the ingredients like butter, onions, celery, bread, and seasonings before placing them in the pot. However, recipes like this make it easy to follow step by step and create the perfect stuffing that you can even prepare up to 24 hours before to save yourself time.  


Green bean casserole is even more simple: all it requires is a bag of frozen green beans, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and some French onion crunchies to top it off! Just mix the ingredients together and heat them in a microwave or on low on a portable stove, and you’ll have the perfect side dish in minutes.  


When it comes to Thanksgiving dessert, pies are usually the star of the show. Although a pumpkin pie is best made in an oven, a slow cooker can be a great inspiration for many other tasty treats. Recipes for brownies, fudge, fruit cobblers, and more are all over the internet, and could be the perfect way to finish off your holiday celebration.  



Spending holidays on the road as a truck driver can be hard, but there’s one way to make sure you bring a piece of home with you this Thanksgiving. Cooking traditional Thanksgiving meals from the comfort of your tractor is the perfect way to try something new and remind yourself of your family and loved ones.  


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