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Choosing the Right Company: 5 Factors to Consider Beyond Pay

What do you look for in a trucking job?    For many CDL drivers, the answer is obvious: fair benefits and competitive pay that validate the difficult but essential work truckers do each day.     However, there are many other factors that can demonstrate a carrier’s commitment to their driver’s success and safety that every […]

Pros & Cons of Being a Flatbed Driver

Considering a career as a flatbed trucker?    Calling for a specialized set of skills, daily attention to detail, and physical strength, flatbed trucking is an in-demand job that comes with high risks and high rewards.     However, before making any decisions, it is important to understand the full expectations, challenges, and advantages of being […]


Trucker’s Favorite Stops & Routes 

If you ask a trucker about their favorite part of the job, you’re likely to hear something about the freedom to explore this beautiful country.     CDL operators, but especially OTR drivers, can spend hours at a time traveling across the country, taking in spectacular views, exploring new paths, and gaining experiences at the countless […]


Are There Really Self Driving Trucks?

There is a reason people say, ‘the future is now.’    While self-driving cars often take the spotlight, the development and use of autonomous long-haul trucks have the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry on a global scale.     From increased efficiency and lower operating costs to improved safety and reduced carbon emissions, self-driving trucks […]


Pros & Cons of OTR Trucking

Are you a rookie truck driver starting out in the field and wondering which route type best fits your lifestyle and needs? Or are you a seasoned trucker looking to switch it up and earn a little higher on average pay as an OTR driver?    No matter your experience level or current position, there […]


Pros & Cons of Night Driving 

For many drivers, the best part about the trucking profession is the flexibility.     You can choose between OTR or local runs, team driving or remaining solo. Some drivers prefer to always carry certain freight, while some are flexible and like to switch it up. And, when it comes to scheduling, some drivers prefer to […]

A Truck Driver’s Guide to P&D Routes vs. Longhaul Runs

One of the many reasons commercial truck driving remains a popular and rewarding career choice is the flexbility and freedom that comes with a life on the road.     Truck drivers can decide what freight they want to carry, which vehicle they operate, and even the kind of route they drive each day. For […]

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Local Waste Collector

Although it might not be viewed as the most glamorous CDL job, local waste and recycling collectors play a vital role in the health and well-being of our communities.    They also receive decent pay, benefits, and an ideal work/life balance—perfect for any trucker who wants to stay close to home while gaining experience in […]