When you are looking for trucking careers, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, especially if you are a student driver looking for your first job, or you are looking to move into a new specialty within the industry.  

During the job search and hiring process though, drivers often make some key mistakes which can reduce their overall job satisfaction and can lead to job turnover within the first year.  

Some of the most common mistakes we see drivers make while looking for trucking careers and during the hiring process include things like: 

Not Identifying Your Goals/Needs: There are many trucking companies out there and they all have unique benefits to working for them. Ultimately, as you begin looking for a career you need to identify your goals and needs so that you can make the best choice as to where you agree to work. If you do not take this step first, you may wind up in the middle of hiring and realize the company does not offer the type of health insurance benefits you require, or the schedule does not align with your family’s needs.  

Setting Unrealistic Expectations: This mistake is especially true for student/novice drivers. No one’s first job is ever perfect, and you can’t expect your first trucking job to be either. As you gain experience, you may be able to expect more from a position you interview for, but it is important to realize that every company is going to be unique, and you will never get absolutely every demand you have on your list.  

Failing to Follow Up: From the moment you submit an application through the hiring process, it is vital to follow up with your recruiter and any other individuals you meet during the interview process. Even if this job does not pan out as your next career, making those contacts could serve you well somewhere down the road. It can also be the difference between showing your true interest in the position and just being another candidate.  

Forgetting to Ask Questions/Negotiate: Interviewing with a company is just as much an opportunity for you to ask questions, as it is for the recruiter. To create a career path with a given company, you must have a complete understanding of what the job will entail and where the company is headed.  

The Harvard Business Review has compiled an extensive list of questions that should be asked during any job interview including:  

  • What’s the performance review process like here? How often would I be formally reviewed? 
  • What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team work to support hitting those goals? 
  • How has the company changed over the last few years? 
  • How would you describe the company’s values? 
  • What do new employees typically find surprising after they start? 

Forgoing Research: Before applying for trucking careers with any company, you should plan to do some research on the company itself. Aside from just the benefits they offer, you should know some of the company’s history, what services they offer, some of the clients they serve, and find current client/employees testimonials. The more information you have going into the interview and hiring process, the more likely you are to stand out from other candidates and be able to make the best choice for your career.  

Drive My Way’s founder, president, and CEO, Beth Potratz says, “When considering a job search, it’s important for drivers to create a plan, be willing to invest their time, and make it a priority. To avoid some common mistakes, drivers should provide their availability to recruiters to avoid back and forth unsuccessful attempts to connect, carefully review their application for errors or omissions, research the organization they are interviewing with to find out how other drivers like working there, and ask questions during the interview with the recruiter and the hiring manager. Drivers must take the time to clearly define what is most important to them in a job in order to be successful in their job search.” 

Finding the right trucking job doesn’t have to be complicated. To work with a team who is dedicated to helping you find, apply for, and get hired at a carrier that matches your needs, reach out to us at Drive My Way to learn more. Be sure to follow our blog as well, for tips on how to be successful in the trucking industry and finding trucking careers that align with your long-term goals.