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Truck drivers are currently in high demand just about everywhere. But what if you’ve just gotten your CDL and you’re lacking in the actual required driving time? Though most driving schools offer help finding your first job, some don’t. Searching on your own, you could easily find yourself in the vicious circle of needing experience, but not being able to land a job because you don’t have enough experience. To try and help you better navigate this new driver pitfall, here are some helpful tips for landing truck driving jobs with no experience.

Be Open to Options

Consider driving trucks other than tractor-trailers at first. Your CDL gives you license to drive many other types of trucks. There are plenty of local jobs driving truck that could put you in a position to be home every night, earn a decent wage, and still gain that necessary experience you need. Delivery trucks, passenger transit vans, construction equipment, or other heavy commercial vehicles are all good truck driving jobs with no experience. It’s worthwhile to look into other options while you’re working on logging miles.

Apply Everywhere

It’s easy to set your sights on a “dream job” and not look anywhere else. But be cautious that you don’t get tunnel vision and limit yourself. Look into apprenticeship programs. Leverage the resources available from your training school. There might be carriers that have great opportunities for a new driver. Look for companies that offer finishing schools or ride-along programs. You can always plan to go back to focusing on that dream job once you’ve got years of driving time under your belt.

Read ALL of the Fine Print

Some companies might offer you a trucking job with no experience. But in exchange for that, they might require you to stay for a certain number of years. Or offer bonuses that only pay off after you’ve worked there for quite a while. Though these jobs are a great opportunity for a new driver to learn and rack up miles, it could impact your ability to seek other opportunities if things don’t work out, or if you need to move to another city. No matter the reason, be 100% sure you understand all the fine print associated with these jobs. You don’t want to feel that you’re stuck somewhere if that’s what you actually agreed to do. The details in the fine print might make all of the difference between a job and long-term career.

Keep Your Record Clean

Most importantly, it’s key to keep your record clean while you’re working on gaining experience. Those years of working something other than your dream job could be useless if you’re racking up safety or other violations along the way. Use all the resources at your disposal to learn and improve. Keep your eye on the prize while working trucking jobs with no experience. You’ll be able to broaden your net and grab your dream job in no time.


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We already know that America would not function without the hard work of truck drivers. And now, finally, someone has confirmed it.

Global job search engine Adzuna conducted research on the most patriotic jobs in the United States.

The analysis looked at what Adzuna deemed as “patriotic jobs”, or those available jobs whose description defined them as most responsible for the improvement and upkeep of the country.

For example, a construction worker, responsible for the betterment of roadways and gentrification of local cities, would be included here.

Adzuna analyzed the nearly 3.5 million jobs on its website, searching for open positions with different specifications, such as hours and job description. It found that “patriotic jobs”, such as truck drivers, nurse practitioners, construction workers, and teachers, made up over 90% of the most in-demand jobs. Of the more than 1.5 million available jobs, the majority of openings exist in Virginia, Texas, California, and Illinois.

Image via Adzuna

With so much national spotlight on these “patriotic jobs” lately, it’s no wonder that they represent such a large piece of the unfulfilled job openings on Adzuna. For example, teachers have gone on strike, advocating for better wages and improved classroom environments. Construction workers have one of the highest on-the-job mortality rates of any profession, with nearly 14 deaths reported each day.

Truck drivers aren’t far off. Truckers are dedicated members of society whose job is to transport over 70% of our nation’s goods. The country’s food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and even waste are all in their hands.

Therefore, it’s ironic that such a necessary job is also the most dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, driving a truck is the deadliest occupation in America. Therefore, because of this and low wages, the demand for truckers is high.


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