We already know that America would not function without the hard work of truck drivers. And now, finally, someone has confirmed it.

Global job search engine Adzuna conducted research on the most patriotic jobs in the United States.

The analysis looked at what Adzuna deemed as “patriotic jobs”, or those available jobs whose description defined them as most responsible for the improvement and upkeep of the country.

For example, a construction worker, responsible for the betterment of roadways and gentrification of local cities, would be included here.

Adzuna analyzed the nearly 3.5 million jobs on its website, searching for open positions with different specifications, such as hours and job description. It found that “patriotic jobs”, such as truck drivers, nurse practitioners, construction workers, and teachers, made up over 90% of the most in-demand jobs. Of the more than 1.5 million available jobs, the majority of openings exist in Virginia, Texas, California, and Illinois.

Image via Adzuna

With so much national spotlight on these “patriotic jobs” lately, it’s no wonder that they represent such a large piece of the unfulfilled job openings on Adzuna. For example, teachers have gone on strike, advocating for better wages and improved classroom environments. Construction workers have one of the highest on-the-job mortality rates of any profession, with nearly 14 deaths reported each day.

Truck drivers aren’t far off. Truckers are dedicated members of society whose job is to transport over 70% of our nation’s goods. The country’s food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and even waste are all in their hands.

Therefore, it’s ironic that such a necessary job is also the most dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, driving a truck is the deadliest occupation in America. Therefore, because of this and low wages, the demand for truckers is high.


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