worldAcross the United States, you can find a cure for on-the-road boredom as you come upon an eclectic assortment of some of the most hilarious and interesting roadside attractions – some of the world’s largest objects of random items.

Huffington Post created this awesome slideshow to highlight the “world’s largest” attractions.

One of them is right in Drive My Way’s hometown. Near the famous Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you’ll find the world’s largest rubber stamp. Created in the ’80s, the stamp has the word “free” on the front of it.

In Cuba, Mo., a rocking chair for giants rests. Though not the world’s largest, the rocker is so incredibly tall that your semi couldn’t reach the seat.

If you’re feeling patriotic in New York, taking a trip to Lake George to see the world’s largest Uncle Sam.

Though it’s not the title character from “James and the Giant Peach ,” the “peachoid water tank” in Gaffney, S.C., owns claims to the world’s largest peach. Painted to match the state fruit, the construction required 10 million pounds of concrete.

Other favorites include the tallest filing cabinet in Burlington, Vermont, the largest Rubik’s Cube in Knoxville, Tenn., and the largest frying pan in Brandon, Iowa.

Now, go get some cool photos or video of your own by these interesting landmarks and share with us!


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With long stretches on the road and only short, intense bursts of time at home, maintaining work-life balance comes as a challenge. Veteran trucker Trent McCain took the extra time to connect with his daughter in the cutest way possible.

Shaun Cronin of Irish Examiner tells the story of How McCain’s 9 year old daughter, Joselyn, struggled to find a babysitter for her doll, Abbie, so she called on “Grandpa Trent” for help.

McCain reported on Facebook that “he didn’t want his daughter thinking he’d neglected the doll all day.”

McCain certainly made sure we wouldn’t forget about him or Abbie. According to the Irish examiner, to assure Joselyn that Abbie was in good hands, he posted pictures of his trip throughout the day. Read more here.

McCain isn’t alone in his efforts to balance work and family time. Countless drivers invest in both their jobs and families. Roadmaster Trucking School offers a few fun ideas for CDL truckers working on building and maintaining strong family connections.

  1. Postcards and letters: Handwritten notes are rare. So, taking the time to write a short, meaningful note brighten your child’s day.
  2. Social Media: McCain used Facebook to share pictures and moments from his daily life, with family and friends. Social media is particularly useful if you’re crossing time zones because you don’t need to coordinate meeting times.
  3. Home Time: When you are at home, use the time to do something memorable. In addition, avoid missing important moments in your children’s lives. Helping yourself and your kids savor the moments together make the moments apart easier.

A work-life balance is an important part of being a CDL driver.  Let us help you find yours. Drive My Way lets you select lifestyle preferences to find the best jobs that fit your needs. Register here to get started!

pets for truck drivers

For many drivers, the long hauls wouldn’t be possible without their trusted furry companions by their sides. But some dogs and cats can get uncomfortable and anxious in traveling such long distances in a confined space. Charles W. Brant of How Stuff Works: Animals shares some tips to keep your pet happy and comfortable while driving.

Even if you don’t need to confine your pet, bring the crate. Often, they find comfort in having their own secluded and personal space. In addition, consider bringing a small bed or similar padding, or even a few items of your own: maybe an old T-shirt or sweatshirt. These can bring a familiarity to animals.

Have different kinds of treats and toys for your pets. Animals need to be occupied just like us. If you have a dog, bring a bone or some other sort of chew toy. For a cat, bring a small scratchpad or toy mouse. Toys will help entertain them, and prevent them from getting restless and agitated.

When you take a stop, make sure to take them out of the truck as well. Even cats can sometimes use the opportunity to stretch their legs. Consider taking more stops than usual if your pet is very active.

And of course, talk to them and check on them. They don’t want to be lonely either.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a vacation for a while now, there’s no time like the present to actually take it. And if you planned well and have the money saved to board the plane right now, here are some great North American getaways highlighted by Men’s Health magazine that will have you salivating for your next dreamy getaway. Even better? You’ll improve your health while having the time of your life.

1. Rancho La Puerta, Mexico

With an organic farm, pools, hiking trails, and 32 acres of gardens, Rancho La Puerta’s 3,000-acre property is a veritable Mexican desert oasis.

Among the 60-plus classes and activities offered each week are interval training, weights, circuit work, spin, yoga and guided meditations. The resort even has a fitness concierge who can help you create a personalized workout schedule tailored to your needs.

“Rancho La Puerta is a great destination for individuals looking for a creative, interactive space for health and fitness needs,” says Brandon Mentore, an ACE-certified personal trainer. “The ability to plan and structure your own experience is great.”

2. Extreme Fitness Camp

If a trip to the Dominican Republic conjures images of frosty drinks and beachside sunbathing, think again. The Extreme Hotel in Cabarete—a solar-powered beachfront eco hotel that serves food straight from its organic farm—is all about holistic health and wellness.

Their fitness camps come designed to help you jumpstart a new workout regimen or recommit to your goals. In addition, they offer traditional fitness activities like strength training, yoga, kickboxing, and core, as well as more non-traditional ways to get your heart pumping. Think: salsa lessons, kite-surfing, and trapeze work (yes, really).

3. Mountain Trek, B.C.

Mountain Trek’s fitness-hiking vacation in British Columbia, Canada aims to help you gain strength, increase your metabolism, improve your sleep, lower your stress, and more—lofty goals, to be sure.

But, the 6-day immersive, science-based program covers its bases. The daily schedule includes several hours of Nordic Fitness Trekking, an evening fitness class, massage, gourmet dinner, and more.

The staff even turns off the Wi-Fi for 8 hours every night to give you time to decompress. In addition, each meal comes prepared without alcohol, caffeine, starch, sugar, and processed foods.

“Mountain Trek has one of the best balances of all the things you would look for in a health and wellness retreat,” Mentore says. The program manages to feel both like a spa vacation and structured workout camp. But beyond that, Mentore says the service and support provided by the staff helps you stay on motivated. “You’re not left to rough it out by yourself.”

4. Red Reflet Ranch

Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyo., serves as the healthy vacation every country guy (or wannabe cowboy) dreams of. Fish, ride horses, zip around the ranch on ATVs, help herd cattle, or go skeet shooting.

Mentore says the ranch is an ideal option for people interested in a more naturalist approach to health and wellness. It offers “lots of outdoor activities and experiences that combine exploration, learning, and some physical demand,” he says.

To break a sweat, explore the gorgeous trails via mountain bike or hike in the nearby canyons. Or, paddleboard through the natural water park, or try rock climbing.

5. Golden Door

Golden Door is a tranquil Japanese-style resort in Escondido, California. It features 25 miles of private hiking trails, citrus groves, Japanese gardens, and bathhouses.

The resort’s week-long men’s program comes designed to help you “recharge your body, mind, and spirit.” In addition, it offers amenities such as daily massages, sessions with a personal trainer, and fitness classes. Also, it features personalized skin care treatments, a customized meal plan, cooking class, and nutrition education class.

“Many locations offer the opportunity to connect with professionals in fitness, wellness, yoga, and stress,” Klapow says, “but in this setting the plan is provided for you.” Which means all you do is show up and soak it in.


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Not all vehicles need to take flight to “travel off the grid,” writes in a story highlighting high-tech vehicles that do some pretty amazing things. The ability for a vehicle to travel off-road is vital in rural areas or disaster zones where roads are impassable due to natural disasters, explains. The website arranged a list of six off-terrain vehicles that CDL truck drivers love to read about—and even drive.

engadget.com1. Road-carrying truck

B-Y-O-Road? Welsh company Faun Trackway dreamed up (and built) a truck that can travel where there are no roads — because it carries its own. Mounted on the back of an otherwise pretty standard-looking truck, a roll of thin aluminum extrusions can be unfurled to create a 50-meter roadway.

The resulting temporary surface is capable of supporting vehicles weighing up to 70 metric tons, so the road-laying truck is a great companion for delivery and rescue vehicles carrying heavy supplies into otherwise hard-to-reach areas. Once the convoy has traversed the aluminum roadway, Faun Trackway’s creation rolls the road back up and hustles along to its next challenging destination.

engadget.com2. Electric “spider” car

The Swincar is a bizarre but useful car that can drive just about anywhere. Each of the vehicle’s independently driven wheels is attached to a spider-like leg for extra ground clearance, and powered by its own electric motor.

This setup translates to a lot of power and control, so uneven terrain barely even slows the Swincar down, let alone stops it in its tracks. Because it’s an all-electric vehicle with no emissions, the Swincar one-ups traditional ATVs in the sustainability department as well.

engadget.com3. Tunnel zipper truck

This truck can not only drive where there is no road, but it can build a 14-mile tunnel out of Lego-like bricks in just 24 hours. The zipper truck is equipped with rollers held in place by a tapered metal core, and the wider front of the truck allows the tailored lock-blocks to be placed just so, creating a perfect archway.

Much like the historic arch’s Roman predecessors, the arched tunnels zipped together by this truck need no mortar or adhesive. Even better, the blocks can be removed once the tunnel is no longer needed and then be reused many times over.

engadget.com4. Slope-worthy VW party bus

While some off-road vehicles are designed with serious functions in mind, others are just looking for a good party. This modified 1966 VW Bus Bulli T1 was created with slope-side jams in mind. In addition, rubber snowmobile tracks replaced its wheels.

The hip party van travels across the snow at a good clip. In addition, it comes equipped with a 1,000-watt subwoofer and two 300-watt speakers. Just add snow and your own DJ.

engadget.com5. Automatic brick road machine

Designed to make charming brick roads even easier to lay down. This Dutch machine completes the work of a crew of human laborers in a fraction of the time. Dubbed Tiger-Stone, the automatic paver-laying machine lays up to 400 square meters of gorgeous brick road in a day.

Adjustable to widths up to six meters, the machine is fed by human workers who stack bricks into an angled hopper in the desired pattern. The, the machine leverages gravity to lower the bricks onto the pre-leveled ground. Tiger-Stone eliminates the back-breaking aspects of bricklayers’ jobs, while cutting both time and cost. In addition, it leaves behind a beautiful brick road.

6. All-terrain adaptive tricycle

This hybrid tricycle helps adventurers with disabilities go places. Created by designer Jesse Lee, the Horizon traverse a wide variety of surfaces that wheelchairs and other adaptive vehicles. For example, these include gravel, hills, grass or dirt.

Powered by electricity and pedal power (controlled either by hand or foot), it combines in one of three different “driving modes.” This depends on the amount of power needed. The Horizon goes up to 25 miles per hour. In addition, its 48-volt lithium-ion battery offers a 30-mile range on a full charge.


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truck driver hobbiesWhether you’re already a fan or just need a break from the commercials on the radio, plenty of great audiobooks can help you pass the time on your long or short hauls. Here are 10 audiobooks from a mix of genres with summaries and ratings, thanks to

1. Before the Fall

Author: Noah Hawley

Genre: Mystery

Rating (out of 5): 4.2

Length:12 hours, 59 minutes

“On a foggy summer night, 11 people–10 privileged, one down-on-his-luck painter–depart Martha’s Vineyard on a private jet headed for New York. Sixteen minutes later the unthinkable happens: The plane plunges into the ocean. The only survivors are Scott Burroughs–the painter–and a 4-year-old boy who is now the last remaining member of an immensely wealthy and powerful media mogul’s family.”

2. The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Author: Michael Lewis

Genre: Nonfiction (Business)

Rating (out of 5): 4.6

Length: 9 hours, 27 minutes

“Who understood the risk inherent in the assumption of ever-rising real-estate prices, a risk compounded daily by the creation of those arcane, artificial securities loosely based on piles of doubtful mortgages? Michael Lewis turns the inquiry on its head to create a fresh, character-driven narrative brimming with indignation and dark humor.”

3. The Boys in the Boat

Author: Daniel James Brown

Genre: History

Rating (out of 5): 4.8

Length: 14 hours, 25 minutes

“Daniel James Brown’s robust book tells the story of the University of Washington’s 1936 eight-oar crew and their epic quest for an Olympic gold medal, a team that transformed the sport and grabbed the attention of millions of Americans. The sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers, the boys defeated elite rivals first from eastern and British universities and finally the German crew rowing for Adolf Hitler in the Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936.”

4. The Girl on the Train: A Novel

Author: Paula Hawkins

Genre: Thriller

Rating (out of 5): 4.3

Length: 10 hours, 59 minutes

“Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. And then she sees something shocking. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel offers what she knows to the police, and becomes inextricably entwined in what happens next, as well as in the lives of everyone involved.”

5. The Kind Worth Killing

Author: Peter Swanson

Genre: Thriller

Rating (out of 5): 4.3

Length: 10 hours, 18 minutes

“On a night flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets the stunning and mysterious Lily Kintner. Sharing one too many martinis, the strangers begin to play a game of truth, revealing very intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his marriage that’s going stale and his wife, Miranda, who he’s sure is cheating on him. Ted and his wife were a mismatch from the start–he the rich businessman, she the artistic free spirit–a contrast that once inflamed their passion but has now become a cliché.”

6. The Last Mile

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery

Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Length: 11 hours, 49 minutes

“In his No. 1 New York Times bestseller Memory Man, David Baldacci introduced the extraordinary detective Amos Decker–the man who can forget nothing. Now, Decker returns in a spectacular new thriller.”

7. Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Genre: Sci-fi

Rating (out of 5): 4.7

Length: 15 hours, 46 minutes

“At once wildly original and stuffed with irresistible nostalgia, Ready PlayerOne is a spectacularly genre-busting, ambitious, and charming debut–part quest novel, part love story and part virtual space opera set in a universe where spell-slinging mages battle giant Japanese robots, entire planets are inspired by Blade Runner, and flying DeLoreans achieve light speed.”

8. Red Rising

Author: Pierce Brown

Genre: Sci-fi

Rating (out of 5): 4.6

Length: 16 hours, 12 minutes

“Darrow is a Red, a member of the lowest caste in the color-coded society of the future. Like his fellow Reds, he works all day, believing that he and his people are making the surface of Mars livable for future generations. Yet he spends his life willingly, knowing that his blood and sweat will one day result in a better world for his children. But Darrow and his kind have been betrayed. Soon he discovers that humanity reached the surface generations ago. Vast cities and sprawling parks spread across the planet.”

9. The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge

Author: Michael Punke

Genre: Historical

Rating (out of 5): 4.4

Length: 9 hours, 12 minutes

“The year is 1823, and the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life. Hugh Glass is among the company’s finest men, an experienced frontiersman, and an expert tracker. But when a scouting mission puts him face to face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mauled and not expected to survive. Two company men are dispatched to stay behind and tend to Glass before he dies. When the men abandon him instead, Glass is driven to survive by one desire: revenge.”

10. 11/22/63

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Sci-fi

Rating (out of 5): 4.6

Length: 30 hours, 44 minutes

“On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? In this brilliantly conceived tour de force, Stephen King–who has absorbed the social, political and popular culture of his generation more imaginatively and thoroughly than any other writer—takes listeners on an incredible journey into the past and the possibility of altering it.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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livetrucking.comSometimes an average day on the job turns into something quite a bit more. That happened to four truckers when their paths crossed in fateful fashion.

Live Trucking wrote about the act of truck driving heroism that is definitely one to remember:

Early on the morning of November 21, a trucker in Michigan found his life in peril when his gasoline tanker crashed and burst into flames. Luckily there were three truckers passing by who were able to help and have been credited with saving his life.

It happened on a northbound Interstate 196 off-ramp, just north of South Haven, Mich..

The truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline at the time that the driver Michael Bennett lost control and overturned the truck. He was ejected from the cab at the moment of impact, and the fire started spreading quickly.

The three truckers who saved his life happened to be driving by at the time and all pulled over to help.

They successfully pulled Michael away from the burning wreckage, and he was then taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The helpful truckers identified as Jeff Hunter, Shawn Crittendon and Chad Edgington. Michael’s family has expressed their desire to take the good Samaritans out to dinner.

Sometimes being a truck driver involves a lot more than getting from Point A to Point B. Connect with us here to learn about truck drivers who are out there making a difference every day.


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Find Better Today of Rodney Hopson’s saddest moments came when he realized he’d have to stop doing what he loved.

The Australian man had to give up his trucking job and time spent working on his farm after sustaining a stroke six years ago. He talked to an Australian newspaper about how the experience has changed him.

“As an ex-truck driver and farmer, stroke has completely changed my life,” Hopson said. “I was like most people. I had no idea about stroke until it happened to me.”

Now Hopson is raising awareness of stroke as an ambassador for the Stroke Foundation. Saturday he walked 10km from the Calliope River Bridge to Bunting Park, followed by a big yellow truck, to raise awareness and funds.

“The generosity of the community has been fantastic,” he said.

“This walk is all about raising as much awareness and funds as possible so that fellow locals can go through life without the burden of stroke.

“No matter how big or small your contribution is, every cent will make a difference in the fight against stroke.”

Also walking with Hopson was 10-year-old stroke survivor, Griffith Comrie.

“When I heard about Rodney’s walk I immediately knew our family would want to take part,” Griffith’s dad, Todd Comrie said. “Having Griffith and Rodney walking side by side highlights that stroke can happen to anyone at any age.”

To benefit stroke survivors in the United States, donate to the American Stroke Association.

Are you a truck driver who’s overcome a health problem? Join our Facebook community here and learn about other inspiring drivers.


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littlethings.comIn a great, heart-warming story on, a truck driver saves the day for one single mom. We loved reading the story and thought you would, too. Check it out the trucker’s generous deed:

Kari Anthony is a bartender at Quaker Steak and Lube in Grand Island, Nebraska. She’s also a hardworking single mother of three children.

In 2015, Kari was working her evening shift when a rough-and-tumble truck driver bellied up to the bar.

The truck driver had just finished his shift and was spending the night at the truck stop near Kari’s restaurant off Interstate 80. He went to Quaker Steak and Lube for dinner and drinks.

The two began exchanging pleasantries, which led to a conversation about their families.

Kari mentioned she was a single mom, which led to the trucker sharing stories about his own beloved mother.

“I guess we were able to relate a little bit,” Kari said.

The truck driver finished up at the bar and went to pay his bill of $89.72.

Kari expected him to leave a reasonable tip.  The driver, however, left her a tip of $1,

Kari learned the truck driver also paid the tabs of the customers he spoke to while seated at the bar. Once reality set in and Kari accepted the tip, the truck driver told the single mother to use the money to do something special for her kids.

Kari remembered she had always wanted to take them to the Nebraska State Fair, but could never afford it.

“They got to go to the fair and play games and all the other stuff,” Kari said. “Normally, because of situations, I would have not been able to do that. But I was able to because of that gentleman. I am just extremely grateful.”

Read the full Little Things story here.

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Shamim Akhtar is acclaimed as Pakistan’s first female truck driver. Her journey to CDL truck driving, a job largely relegated to Pakistani men, has not been easy. But, it inspires others, as one publication, Pro Pakistani, writes.

It represents overcoming the various cultural and societal barriers in Pakistan. Shamin Akhtar’s journey proves that some glass ceilings are really meant to be broken.

“Nothing is too difficult if you have the will,” Akhtar says. “However, if women make themselves believe that they can’t do certain tasks, then nothing works.”

Akhtar , a 53-year-old single mother, married at 17 and quickly found that she had to fend for herself and her children.

In the face of considerable financial hardship, she relied on her own intelligence and strength to take care of her children and marry off her eldest daughters. Her husband was never around, and left her for another woman. To earn a decent and respectable livelihood, Akhtar started working.

Akhtar landed a job as an insurance salesperson and eventually moved on to sewing and embroidery. She became a sewing teacher at a local school, but she craved a job that would provide for her family.

She credits the Islamabad Traffic Police training course for showing her the possibilities.

It led her to eventually driving a truck, a task that requires excellent road sense and training. She worked hard and passed the driving tests. She received a public service vehicle license, making her the first Pakistani woman licensed to drive trailers, tractors and trucks.

Her work is grueling. Her journeys involve her transporting 7,000 bricks from a factory in Rawalpindi to AJK, a distance of 200 km between the two destinations. Akhtar also operates a driving school. Her students consider her a a role model and mother. As Akhtar ’s admirers would tell you, she never gives up until she achieves her goal.

Do you know an inspiring trucker here in the United States? Connect with us on Facebook here and tell us about him or her!


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