Truckers aid hunger crisis

Truckers Aid Hunger Crisis

the Indy Hunger Network, a charity that dedicates its efforts towards feeding the hungry, has launched a new Food Drop program. The programs helps truckers aid hunger crisis by donating rejected food deliveries to charity.

 Image via Indy Hunger Network

Truckers who make runs to grocery stores to drop off orders of food often are told that the food will not be accepted. Whether there was an ordering error or the delivered food is not up to the store’s standards, the rejected food often ends up directly in a landfill. These items consist primarily of foods that are still edible and packaged with unbroken seals.

Instead, the Food Drop program allows truckers to bring that food to local food banks across Indiana. So far, the charity has documented 90,000 pounds of donated food within the first six months of the program. If the program continues to succeed in Indianapolis, the Indy Food Network wants to expand the program across the country.


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