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The 2016 Highway Star of the Year Is…A Woman

In the 12 years Canadian truck drivers have been receiving the Highway Star of the Year Award, not once has a recipient been a woman. Until now. Joanne Mackenzie, a company driver for Highland Transport, was crowned the 2016 Highway Star of the Year at Truck World in Canada this week, raising the bar for […]

How Big a Problem is Sleep Apnea in Trucking?

Much has been made of sleep apnea in trucking and the accidents that have resulted when drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel. So how big of a problem is sleep apnea in trucking, really? With federal regulators considering mandatory sleep apnea requirements right now, we must ask the questions below. Is sleep apnea among truck […]

People with CDL Permit Jobs Will Like This New Dash Cam

Several new trucking products were highlighted at the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show, held in Louisville, Ky. One of those products is a new dash cam from Cobra Electronics featuring built-in GPS. According to an American Trucker magazine review, the new dash cam—the CDR 875 G Drive HD—is Cobra Electronics’ most advanced dash cam yet. This model caters to the growing demand […]

California Bill Continues Efforts to Block Human Trafficking

California Attorney General Kamala Harris is backing legislation. This continues a decade-long bid to coordinate law enforcement agencies’ responses to human trafficking. Harris’s move will be welcomed by the growing number of people advocating for the eradication of human trafficking, such as Truckers Against Trafficking. According to the article from Sacramento-based Capradio.org: “Attorney General Harris announced March 9 […]

5 Simple Steps Owner Operators Can Take to Ensure Success

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a multi-part series about how owner operators can get the most from their business. Kevin Shunk, 67, has had an owner operator trucking job for 48 years. He got his start in trucking at age 17, hauling livestock locally in his hometown, St. Joseph, Mo. Today, Shunk is leased to […]

Trucking Software Startup Gets Big Windfall of Venture Capital

One tech startup got a big financial boost this week when it received a $16 million windfall from investors. The Seattle-based trucking software startup Convoy makes a big splash with big-name tech investors. Investors include Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who likes what Convoy peddles. Overall, Convoy’s software matches trucking companies to firms that need products transported. Transport […]

5 great gadgets for truckers and trucking execs this spring

New technology can make your travels down the road that much more enjoyable. A recent USA Today article highlighted five great gadgets that people should be using this spring. Trucking company executives and people with CDL driver jobs can make great use of these five tech tools, too. Whether you’re on the clock or off of it. Kingston’s MobileLite […]

Trucking Company XPO Expands Its Healthcare Presence

While CDL trucking jobs may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear XPO Logistics, this article about the company’s latest news centers on its further expansion in the healthcare sector. XPO Logistics landed a contract as the third-party logistics provider for Trinity Health. The two companies stated this in a […]

The No. 1 motivator for small business owners (it’s not what you’d think)

A new profile of the domestic small business climate in USA Today says that potential wealth isn’t the No. 1 motivator for small business owners, including those in trucking. More than financial rewards, many small business owners seek more personal rewards, such as  creative expression and overall satisfaction. The results apply to small business owners in various industries, whether […]


GTCR Acquires Camera Maker Lytx. What Will It Mean for Trucking?

A new acquisition likely will be welcomed by trucking companies—and not welcomed by those with CDL trucking jobs. Fortune magazine reports that Lytx, the chief maker of cameras for monitoring CDL truck drivers, will be acquired by the private equity firm GTCR for a cash payment of $500 million. “For trucking companies, having a system that records driver behavior […]