At a time when the U.S. trucking industry could use some good news, it finally got some regarding becoming an emissions tech leader. The news published in a story by Tom Quimby for Commercial Carrier Journal

Quimby reported on what was stated at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, Calif., where emissions-reducing technology plays a starring role.

Bill Van Amburg, senior vice president at CALSTART, said that domestic emissions technology advanced. In fact, it advanced so much that Europe takes note. “Trucks in North America are getting more efficient than trucks in Europe,” Van Amburg said. “It’s interesting to be in a leader position. It’s an export strength.”

According to Quimby, innovative, emissions-reducing technology lies at the heart of ACT Expo. Its growth continued over the last eight years or so.

Henry Cheung, air resources engineer in the on-road heavy duty diesel section at the California Air Resources Board. In addition, another speaker at the trucking efficiency meeting said that in 2008 there were only five manufacturers offering aerodynamic devices for trailers. For 2016, that number has increased to 32 manufacturers with 95 aerodynamic devices—a 540% increase.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s Executive Director Mike Roeth spoke with Quimby. Overall, he stated the council provides feedback on 65 emissions-reducing technologies. In addition, he added that trucking fleets using fuel-saving tech also save financially. In fact, some save as much as $9,000 per truck annually.

However, the stringent emissions regulations drive a lot of the innovation. Also, they negatively impact the trucking business, according to Kyle Treadway, dealer principal of Kenworth Sales Company.

California’s trucking regulations have been especially challenging.

“We have good customers that won’t come into California because they just can’t justify the expense for compliance and so they are leaving the market in that regard,” Treadway told the audience. Treadway is concerned that the trucking industry has had to face a disproportionate amount of regulations compared to the mainstream auto market. That and the truck market’s volatility over the past 15 years or so makes the industry even more challenging, he said.


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