Rand McNally enters the dashcam business with the launch of a new line of devices.

According to an article in Overdrive magazine, the Rand McNally Dash Cam 100, 200 and 300 models assist with accident and safety documentation, as well as capture photos and video from the road.

“Everyday and professional drivers both have told us that they want to capture and share their experiences on the road and be able to save a high-quality video record should they be involved in an accident,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “In these new dash cameras, we have included features like time-lapse photography so that drivers can record a beautiful sunset as well as a sudden (or some other qualifier) traffic incident.”

The camera’s sensor detects sudden or significant movement, such as a collision, and saves the video file.

All videos and photos taken with the devices include a time and date stamp. The 200 and 300 models also include a location stamp. The 300 model includes lane-departure and collision warnings and can record in full high definition, according to the company.

The Dash Cam 300 has a 2-inch screen and comes with a 16 GB SD card. The 200 model has a 1.5-inch screen with an 8 GB SD card, and the 100 model has a 1-inch screen with 4 GB SD card.

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