Fleet Complete recently launched its latest hours of service mobile app, and it promises to make ELD compliance manageable for both fleets and truck drivers.

According to Fleet Complete’s website, the HoS app automatically logs a truck driver’s hours.

With one look at the screen, drivers can determine if they have time available to complete the route without having to reset, the site says.

Also, the app promises significant time savings.

With automated logs, your drivers will spend less time filling out manual forms and more hours on the road.

For trucking owners, meanwhile, the app streamlines driver locations and enables you to manage drivers’ schedules efficiently.

Your dispatchers will have visibility over every driver’s available driving time, making it easier to assign jobs and avoid violations.

In a recent interview with Truck News, Fleet Complete CEO Tony Lourakis touted the new product.

“Fleet Complete continues to be at the forefront of the telematics industry in developing innovative and value-driven solutions for fleets, owners and operators,” he told the magazine. “We are thrilled to help simplify our customers’ ELD compliance well in advance of the rule date, while also offering the added value of combining the latest HoS app with Fleet Complete’s wide-range of fleet solutions under one platform.”

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