ksl.comTruck driver Kevin Otteson of Reddaway Trucking received honor for driving more than 2 million miles without a single accident.

Otteson holds a CDL trucking job at Reddaway for 23 years.

Overall, throughout his 30-year professional driving career, he drove about 3.5 million miles accident free, he told Salt Lake City’s Deseret News.

Otteson was presented with a ring from Reddaway Trucking Friday to honor the achievement.

Mike Matich, the company’s terminal manager, called it a rare accomplishment.

Otteson said he drives because he likes the solitude. Otteson also makes it part of his normal routine to stop to help drivers whose cars are stuck or need help fixing a flat.

His secret to being accident free for so many miles?

“Pay attention to your surroundings,” he said. “Don’t watch just the vehicle in front of you. Watch two or three cars in front of you. Maintain an even keel out here.”

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