intermodal trucking

intermodal truckingIntermodal trucking can be a great option for truck drivers who are looking for a new job over the road and want to try something different than typical dry and reefer hauling. Here are 3 perks of being an intermodal trucker, along with quotes from actual intermodal drivers about what the job is like.

What is Intermodal Trucking?

Intermodal trucking, sometimes referred to as drayage, is the act of using a truck to move international cargo in specially designed containers from point A to point B. Usually this is either the first or last step in the overall intermodal transportation process.

The containers that intermodal drivers haul are large, weather-hardy, and fit securely on several types of transport vehicles so that they can be moved easily between ship, plane, train, and truck. So, what about intermodal trucking makes it appeal to drivers? Here are 3 perks.

1. Consistent Schedule and Home Time

cdl studentsIf consistent home time and a healthy work/life balance are important to you, intermodal trucking might be a good choice for your next driving job. Drivers will tell you that the biggest benefit of this line of work is the consistent schedule and shorter routes. Drivers will usually complete at least one route, (most times more) in a single shift and be home every night.

We spoke with an intermodal truck driver, David, and he shared his thoughts about this line of work,

“Intermodal trucking provides the ability to make great money and be home daily. But the tradeoff is a lot of frustration and hold ups in the railyards,” shares David. 

2. Less Manual Labor and Loading

The shipping containers that intermodal truckers haul move from transport vehicle to transport vehicle without being unpacked or broken down (With the exception of inspections by customs officials). They stay packed as is and sealed from the time they leave, until they get to their destination.

At each stop the container moves to, there’s specialty equipment there to pick up the containers and place them on the trucks. It’s usually no touch for the drivers, which means less wear and tear on your body, and more time moving down the road.

3. Flexibility

Most intermodal drivers find the real perk of the job to be the flexibility that it provides them. We talked to another intermodal truck driver, Ritsuko, and she shared what she loves about intermodal trucking, including seeing the country and making money.

“I enjoy the independence and peace of being on the road and being able to take off when needed and having more flexibility in my schedule,” shares Ritsuko. 

If you think that you’re up to the challenge of being an intermodal truck driver, do some research on companies in your area that specialize in this line of work. Keep in mind that intermodal trucking jobs will be much easier to find the closer you are to large ports and railyards.

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