pets for truck drivers

For many drivers, the long hauls wouldn’t be possible without their trusted furry companions by their sides. But some dogs and cats can get uncomfortable and anxious in traveling such long distances in a confined space. Charles W. Brant of How Stuff Works: Animals shares some tips to keep your pet happy and comfortable while driving.

Even if you don’t need to confine your pet, bring the crate. Often, they find comfort in having their own secluded and personal space. In addition, consider bringing a small bed or similar padding, or even a few items of your own: maybe an old T-shirt or sweatshirt. These can bring a familiarity to animals.

Have different kinds of treats and toys for your pets. Animals need to be occupied just like us. If you have a dog, bring a bone or some other sort of chew toy. For a cat, bring a small scratchpad or toy mouse. Toys will help entertain them, and prevent them from getting restless and agitated.

When you take a stop, make sure to take them out of the truck as well. Even cats can sometimes use the opportunity to stretch their legs. Consider taking more stops than usual if your pet is very active.

And of course, talk to them and check on them. They don’t want to be lonely either.