One truck driver from Springfield has assembled decades of safe driving, spanning an amazing 51 years.

Bob Wyatt, who has held a CDL trucking job at Schneider out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, for the past 43 years, received an award from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance for his incredible safety record.

Wyatt clocked nearly 6 million miles without a single preventable accident.

The award recognizes commercial vehicle drivers who distinguish themselves through safe operation for an extended period of time. The Springfield (Ill.) State Journal-Register wrote that Wyatt was “surprised and humbled, to say the least,” by the award.

“You just take it one mile at a time,” Wyatt said of how he stayed safe on the road.

But even with all his success, Wyatt told the newspaper that CDL trucking jobs aren’t easy.

“A million people, they all want to be at the same place at the same time, they don’t want anybody to get in their way,” Wyatt said. “And the fact that they are texting and talking on the phone makes it even worse. I’ve been out here 50 years of my life, and you can’t even imagine what I’ve seen.”

CVSA president Maj. Jay Thompson praised Wyatt and his stellar safety record.

Overall, he serves as the most decorated driver in Schneider history, according to the State Journal-Register.

“We remain so impressed by Bob Wyatt’s spotless record of 51 years of safe driving, his unwavering, long-term commitment to public safety, his proactive approach to growth and learning, and his willingness to engage with leadership to be a catalyst for industry improvement,” he said.

In addition, Wyatt has been married to his wife, Linda, for nearly as long as he’s gone without an accident (49 years).

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