truck accidentMilton Schwahn has driven for JBS Carriers, Inc. for more than 40 years. Last Friday, his devotion to his CDL trucking job paid off when JBS Carriers gave him a special gift: his own truck. Fox 11 News out of Green Bay, Wis., reports Schwahn was gratified by the honor.

“I was not expecting another truck,” Schwahn said. “I gotta another 150,000 on the one I got and never thought about getting no truck at all. This thing is really nice.”

The company didn’t give Schwahn such a significant gift for nothing.  It was honoring Schwahn for his huge milestone: driving 5 million miles with no crashes.

“Milt has driven accident free for longer than most people have done anything in their lives…or in their careers,”said Darrin Taylor, Operational Manager at JBS Carriers, Inc.. “It really is unheard of and we’re just so proud and honored to have Milt driving for us.”

Schwahn was humbled by the honor, saying it’s all part of a day’s work at his CDL trucking job.

“I think somebody is watching over me the whole time we’re doing it, so there is a lot of stuff that goes on out there,” he told Fox 11.

This is not the only honor Schwahn may get this week. He was nominated for Driver of the Year by a coworker. He’ll find out if he wins that award soon enough. Sounds like it’s Schwahn’s time right now.

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