It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and that means it’s time for Drive My Way to bring it on home and give a much deserved shout out to all you amazing drivers out there. Whoohoo! You bust it every day from morning till night, and we know it. At Drive My Way, drivers, it’s all about you. And what better way to show it, we thought, than to listen.

We asked several drivers the all-important question “What is most important to you in a job?” Here’s what they said. You might be surprised by the answers. Give a listen and see if you agree with them. And drivers, thank you for all you do. We’re Drive My Way, matching CDL truck drivers with jobs, changing lives.






Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week continues through Sept. 19. To commemorate the occasion, carriers and truck stops nationwide are offering specials, holding award ceremonies and grilling out.

ATA created appreciation week in 1988 to honor America’s 3.4 million drivers for all their hard work. It has been commemorated every year since then.

“National Truck Driver Appreciation Week provides us the opportunity to honor the millions of men and women who safely and professionally move freight across this great country each and every day,” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said in a video message launching National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. “We know what a challenging job driving a truck can be, but we also know that trucks move America forward and without each of you we just simply couldn’t get that job done.”

TravelCenters of America takes honoring drivers one step further, hosting special events at many of its TA and Petro locations all month long—up until Oct. 2. Each location will hand out driver appreciation giveaways, and many locations also are celebrating with games, health fairs, dog washing and live music.

“Millions of professional drivers deliver our goods across America safely, securely and on time every day,” said Tom O’Brien, president and CEO of TravelCenters, in a release. “Not only are they handling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs, but they are also helping keep our highways safe.

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As you may know, this week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We wanted to honor it today by posting this trucker’s prayer. Please know, drivers, how much you are appreciated by the Drive My Way team—and so many others. Thanks for all you do! Stay safe out there.

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retain drivers

The driver shortage now stands at an estimated 40,000. In response, trucking companies are restrategizing their efforts to retain drivers. And in some ways, that’s good news for those behind the wheel.

Besides offering better pay packages, benefits and incentives, fleets are looking to influence the human factors that cause and contribute to turnover,” states an article in Commercial Carrier Journal. “Factors like perceptions and motivational behaviors can be far more complex to manage than drivers’ home time, miles or model year of equipment. Despite the odds, a new wave of products and services aims to do just that.

Companies are using everything from rewards programs to satisfaction assessment tools to maintain or increase driver retention, and the article states 45 percent of fleets now use driver loyalty and rewards programs.

According to the article, the programs often reward points for meeting goals and milestones in safety, compliance, fuel savings and other categories, then drivers redeem their points for non-cash items.

“We have found that a well-structured rewards program with obtainable rewards for a driver can truly effect turnover,” says John Elliott, chief executive officer of Load One, one of the five largest ground expedite carriers in North America. “It is not a magic bullet but it helps to make companies with good culture even better.”

The study also found that rewards programs are most widely used by fleets with between 50 and 500 trucks. Read the rest of the article here to learn of new technologies and services that are empowering fleets to more effectively retain drivers.

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Employers in the transportation sector, including those in the trucking industry, will need to hire and train more than 4.6 million workers from 2012 to 2022 to accommodate for market needs, job turnover and retirements in that span, a federal report released Aug. 24 stated.

The trucking industry is expected to have the largest number of openings over that time period at more than 2 million jobs, according to the report by the departments of Transportation, Education, and Labor. Most of the new jobs, the report noted, will be in transit and ground passenger transportation sectors along West Coast markets, the Gulf region, the upper Mid-Atlantic, several mountain states and the Midwest.

The report is promising for those in who work in, or aspire to work in, the transportation industry, indicating that there will be more opportunities in the sector in the near future.


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ATA-champsLast week, 431 top truck drivers from around the country descended upon St. Louis for the 78th annual “Super Bowl of Safety,” otherwise known as the 2015 National Truck Driving Championships, hosted by American Trucking Associations. But only one of them could be proclaimed 2015 Bendix National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion. That person was Ronald Emenheiser, Sr., a Walmart Transportation professional truck driver based in Yorkana, Pa.

“All the competitors who took part in the National Truck Driving Championships are champions – they are champions for safety on our highways and for our industry’s image,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.  “And while I applaud all of them for their achievements and dedication to safety – I want to especially congratulate Ronald for winning the Bendix Grand Champion award with his superior driving skill and commitment to safety.”

To earn the coveted title, Emenheiser exhibited exceptional driving skills and knowledge of transportation and truck safety. The veteran driver has more than 25 years of professional driving experience. He succeeds Jeffrey Langenhahn, a professional truck driver with Con-way Freight, as the Bendix Grand Champion.

ATA also honored Brook Figgins, a professional driver for FedEx Freight, as the 2015 Rookie of the Year.

See a full list of event winners here.

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Tom Rogers had it good. He had a stable job abroad at a start-up in The Philippines, a salary that let him live well enough, and a promising future. But then he watched a TedX video that changed his perspective. And he chose to change his path.

“The whole point of the video was that life passes us by, if we don’t make it a point to pursue living a memorable life,” Rogers writes in an essay for the website Rappler. “For others, a pursuit of a memorable life may be spending more time with their children and working less. To me, a memorable life is to travel and experience different cultures, food, and ways of life.”

Since then, Rogers hasn’t looked back. He and his and his girlfriend, Anna Faustino, travel the world full time, repurposing their lives through travel, living simply and building their blog, Adventure In You.

We want to inspire people to live the life they have always wanted,” Rogers says. “Whatever you want in life, pursue it relentlessly and live your life free of regrets of the things that you didn’t do.”

It’s an inspirational lesson for all of us. You can read more of Rogers’ story here.

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If there’s a shortage of car hauler drivers out there–and there’s a shortage of about 3,000 of them–one truck company executive says she knows why. Such drivers simply aren’t having much fun, says Kathleen McCann, CEO of United Road Services Inc., a suburban Detroit trucking company that moves about 3 million new and used vehicles a year. Automotive News drew the scenario:

Imagine driving a 75-foot rig through the snow to an auction house to pick up a load of used cars and trucks. The vehicles aren’t parked where they are supposed to be. The key is missing from one and the paperwork from another. All are covered with snow. Now what? You find the cars and you find the keys, and while you wait on the paperwork, you clean the snow from the vehicles. That’s all before driving each vehicle carefully onto your rig and hitting the road.”

McCann says that’s the norm for drivers of car haulers. And that reality is not attracting an onslaught of new drivers to the profession, to put it simply. The good news is, United Road Services is doing what it can to make the system more efficient. And that’s not all.

Now, it’s considering a step that would encourage auctions, dealerships and others to get more efficient in their dealings with car haulers, too: allowing drivers to review auctions and other customers, much as customers review restaurants online.

As the economy recovers, demand for goods is up. That includes demand for new and used vehicles. Increased demand strains the trucking industry, which needs about 16,000 car-hauling trucks and drivers to meet customers’ needs.

“We think we’re well short of that,” McCann said.

Read more.

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