Some trucking companies are trying to entice drivers through deluxe cabins. But will it work?

With the driver shortage reaching unprecendented proportions, trucking companies are getting creative in their attempts to fill vacancies. Namely, they’re providing more comfortable rides for drivers making the long haul.


The firms are paying truck manufacturers to make luxury living quarters that attach to the vehicles, with kitchen areas, satellite TVs, refrigerators, bathrooms and a bed,” the story in the Daily Mail stated.

Companies such as Bolt Custom Trucks are getting fancy with in-truck features such as a fold-down bed so drivers don’t have to sleep in their seats or find a place to stay.

Firms hope that by adding cabins that include tables, cabinets, beds and showers, they will be able to better recruit qualified drivers in the midst of a labor shortage,” the article stated. “Ohio-based Try Hours is converting its 20 trucks to be more stylish and comfortable, with hopes that it will make recruiting easier. ‘It’s all about a better experience to keep the drivers,’ said Kenneth Lemley, who manages the fleet at Maumee.”

Costs for deluxe sleeper trucks are hardly cheap, costing upwards of $200,000 sometimes. But in an industry where the driver shortage is reaching a critical point, some companies find investment in luxury rigs is worth the risk. What do you think? Would you like to drive a “pimped out” truck?


Image from Facebook/Bolt Custom Trucks