Safety in CDL trucking jobsAfter a long day or night on the road, maintenance might be the last thing on your mind. But as little as 20 minutes could make the difference between a safe journey and truck troubles when you get back on the road.

For new and experienced drivers alike, Accuride’s video series simplifies truck component installation and maintenance. So, you get on the road faster and make it safely to your next stop.

The videos include Wheel Service, Brake Drum Service and Automatic Slack Adjuster Service.

They run between 15 and 30 minutes and include step-by-step instructions. In addition, they include animation and technical diagrams for each component.

Accuride says one video “demonstrates how to establish a periodic brake drum maintenance program that will help users recognize common symptoms and make necessary corrections.”

Did you know that found over half of emergency road calls are related to tire problems?

A simple check will help you avoid having to be one of those calls.

Accuride’s Wheel Service video, “covers single-piece rims and wheels and includes steps for performing wheel removal by hand and machine, complete visual inspection, wheel end cleaning and preparation, tubeless tire installation and proper mounting of the tire/wheel assembly.”

The Automatic Slack Adjuster Service clarifies how to “to properly install, remove, inspect, adjust and maintain the Automatic Slack Adjusters on vehicle[s].”

These videos are your roadside assistance without any phone calls when you need a quick refresher on rig repair.

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