If you’ve been thinking of taking a vacation for a while now, there’s no time like the present to actually take it. And if you planned well and have the money saved to board the plane right now, here are some great North American getaways highlighted by Men’s Health magazine that will have you salivating for your next dreamy getaway. Even better? You’ll improve your health while having the time of your life.

1. Rancho La Puerta, Mexico

With an organic farm, pools, hiking trails, and 32 acres of gardens, Rancho La Puerta’s 3,000-acre property is a veritable Mexican desert oasis.

Among the 60-plus classes and activities offered each week are interval training, weights, circuit work, spin, yoga and guided meditations. The resort even has a fitness concierge who can help you create a personalized workout schedule tailored to your needs.

“Rancho La Puerta is a great destination for individuals looking for a creative, interactive space for health and fitness needs,” says Brandon Mentore, an ACE-certified personal trainer. “The ability to plan and structure your own experience is great.”

2. Extreme Fitness Camp

If a trip to the Dominican Republic conjures images of frosty drinks and beachside sunbathing, think again. The Extreme Hotel in Cabarete—a solar-powered beachfront eco hotel that serves food straight from its organic farm—is all about holistic health and wellness.

Their fitness camps come designed to help you jumpstart a new workout regimen or recommit to your goals. In addition, they offer traditional fitness activities like strength training, yoga, kickboxing, and core, as well as more non-traditional ways to get your heart pumping. Think: salsa lessons, kite-surfing, and trapeze work (yes, really).

3. Mountain Trek, B.C.

Mountain Trek’s fitness-hiking vacation in British Columbia, Canada aims to help you gain strength, increase your metabolism, improve your sleep, lower your stress, and more—lofty goals, to be sure.

But, the 6-day immersive, science-based program covers its bases. The daily schedule includes several hours of Nordic Fitness Trekking, an evening fitness class, massage, gourmet dinner, and more.

The staff even turns off the Wi-Fi for 8 hours every night to give you time to decompress. In addition, each meal comes prepared without alcohol, caffeine, starch, sugar, and processed foods.

“Mountain Trek has one of the best balances of all the things you would look for in a health and wellness retreat,” Mentore says. The program manages to feel both like a spa vacation and structured workout camp. But beyond that, Mentore says the service and support provided by the staff helps you stay on motivated. “You’re not left to rough it out by yourself.”

4. Red Reflet Ranch

Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyo., serves as the healthy vacation every country guy (or wannabe cowboy) dreams of. Fish, ride horses, zip around the ranch on ATVs, help herd cattle, or go skeet shooting.

Mentore says the ranch is an ideal option for people interested in a more naturalist approach to health and wellness. It offers “lots of outdoor activities and experiences that combine exploration, learning, and some physical demand,” he says.

To break a sweat, explore the gorgeous trails via mountain bike or hike in the nearby canyons. Or, paddleboard through the natural water park, or try rock climbing.

5. Golden Door

Golden Door is a tranquil Japanese-style resort in Escondido, California. It features 25 miles of private hiking trails, citrus groves, Japanese gardens, and bathhouses.

The resort’s week-long men’s program comes designed to help you “recharge your body, mind, and spirit.” In addition, it offers amenities such as daily massages, sessions with a personal trainer, and fitness classes. Also, it features personalized skin care treatments, a customized meal plan, cooking class, and nutrition education class.

“Many locations offer the opportunity to connect with professionals in fitness, wellness, yoga, and stress,” Klapow says, “but in this setting the plan is provided for you.” Which means all you do is show up and soak it in.


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