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Truck Driver Hiring Events: What to Know

Over the past several years, more and more trucking companies have executed truck driver hiring events nationwide. These are great opportunities for drivers to learn about open positions, interview on the spot, meet the company, and ask questions. If you haven’t attended a truck driver hiring event in the past, here is information about what to bring for the day and what to expect during the event.

What to Bring

truck driver resumeUpdated Resume

It’s important to have an updated copy of your resume that includes your relevant work history, contact information, licenses, skills, and achievements. There will likely be several other drivers there applying for the same position, so make sure your resume stands out!


Do you have questions about the position, requirements, or company? Is there something on the job description that is confusing? Write these questions down and bring them with you to receive answers on the spot.

What to Expect

Appointments and Walk-Ins Welcome

Although many hiring events encourage prior registration, most also welcome drivers who walk in to the event that day. You are also typically not required to stay for the entire event and can leave after you finish talking with the recruiter.

Truck Driver Hiring Events: What to KnowInterview and Meet the Recruiter

Typically when a company hosts a hiring event, you can expect to interview on the spot. This is not only an opportunity for you to meet the recruiter, but also a chance to share more about your background and career goals.

Recruiters will ask you questions about your previous work experience, why you want to work for the company, and what makes you a good candidate for the position. Be prepared to answer their questions! In addition, many hiring events do not require specific attire to attend. However, dressing professionally for an interview won’t hurt your chances of landing the job.

Position Details

Recruiters typically share details about the position including compensation, home time, equipment, benefits, qualifications, and more. This is a good opportunity for you to learn more details about the position instead of simply reading a job description. If the event is held on the company premise, recruiters might give a facility tour as well! This helps paint a day-in-the-life picture for you.

Application Assistance

If time allows, many virtual hiring events offer assistance for completing an application that day. This is a nice option if you have questions about the application or would like to further explain something on a resume. If this is not an option, the company might provide you with detailed information of how to apply after leaving the event.

Truck Driver Hiring Events: What to Bring and ExpectVirtual Options

Some companies also offer virtual hiring events for drivers in addition to in-person events. These virtual events are often held on Zoom or another video platform to allow for attendees to virtually meet the recruiter, ask questions, and discuss the open position. If you can’t attend a hiring event in person, check with the company to find out if there are other options available.

How to Find a Hiring Event

Trucking companies offering upcoming hiring events usually either advertise the event separately or mention the event in the job description. If there is a company you want to work for in the future, feel free to reach out to inquire about upcoming hiring events. That’s a great way to show initiative to the hiring managers!

Bonus: Two of Drive My Way’s customers have upcoming hiring events! Chat with us here to find out the details for the Republic Services hiring event and the NFI hiring event.

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