mashable.comThose with CDL driver jobs know that cars traveling close on their heels create potential safety hazards for everyone. And vehicles passing semis on a two-lane road can face challenges. This is due to the car drivers and those with CDL driver jobs can’t see if oncoming traffic is coming or not.

But Samsung recently came up with an innovative solution to this problem, Mashable writes. Naturally, Samsung’s innovative solution lies in a semi truck itself.

The Argentinian arm of the South Korean tech giant is showing off what it calls a Safety Truck, a semi truck with a wireless camera mounted on the front, displaying the road ahead on a screen tacked on to the back of the truck. The move is a part of an effort to reduce head-on collisions caused from passing vehicles.

The front-mounted camera broadcasts its signal to four monitors on the back of the truck to give drivers behind the truck a good view ahead. In addition to making passing safer, Samsung says that this would let drivers see any obstacles in the road ahead, preventing the need for sudden emergency braking.

While the truck used in the testing isn’t on the road anymore, Samsung is working with safety agencies to further enhance the tech, Mashable writes. It adds that the Samsung technology does have some drawbacks.

It seems like it would work well on two-lane roads, but it wouldn’t really have much use on multi-lane highways. The screen could also prove to be a distraction, and image quality issues could be a concern as well.

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