of Rodney Hopson’s saddest moments came when he realized he’d have to stop doing what he loved.

The Australian man had to give up his trucking job and time spent working on his farm after sustaining a stroke six years ago. He talked to an Australian newspaper about how the experience has changed him.

“As an ex-truck driver and farmer, stroke has completely changed my life,” Hopson said. “I was like most people. I had no idea about stroke until it happened to me.”

Now Hopson is raising awareness of stroke as an ambassador for the Stroke Foundation. Saturday he walked 10km from the Calliope River Bridge to Bunting Park, followed by a big yellow truck, to raise awareness and funds.

“The generosity of the community has been fantastic,” he said.

“This walk is all about raising as much awareness and funds as possible so that fellow locals can go through life without the burden of stroke.

“No matter how big or small your contribution is, every cent will make a difference in the fight against stroke.”

Also walking with Hopson was 10-year-old stroke survivor, Griffith Comrie.

“When I heard about Rodney’s walk I immediately knew our family would want to take part,” Griffith’s dad, Todd Comrie said. “Having Griffith and Rodney walking side by side highlights that stroke can happen to anyone at any age.”

To benefit stroke survivors in the United States, donate to the American Stroke Association.

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