Truck drivers see it all out there on the road. Among the things they see most are bad driving habits in unfolding before their eyes–every day. So what are the worst driving no-no’s from a truck driver’s perspective? One of them, Todd McCann, has taken the time to explain some of them. Have you seen any of these things on your own route? Are you guilty of any of these things yourself?

Pay attention. People don’t pay attention. They are in their own worlds because of cellphones. That’s why they get caught riding on the right side of the road. That’s why at the last-second they realize they are about to miss their turn…They realize that they should worry about merging and you see the cell phone vanish. They put the phone down and look up at you like, “You didn’t see that.”

Stop hanging out along my side. I had a car riding on my right side the other day, just hanging out. That’s the worst thing any driver can do. We have a huge blindspot over there. I almost ran this guy off the road because I couldn’t see him.

If a trucker is tailgating you, you’re probably going too slow. If you see a truck in your rearview, the first thing you need to do is put down your phone. The second thing you need to do is look at your speedometer. The majority of the time, if a trucker is tailgating you, you’re doing something wrong. My truck is limited at 64mph. If I’m tailgating you because you’re going too slow, that’s a problem.

This isn’t all, either! For more cardinal sins of driving (from a truck driver’s point of view) read the rest of the story.

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