Oklahoma City news station Fox 25 rode along with DOT Foods to show what truck drivers see on the road. And the report found that people with CDL trucking jobs have a serious reason to gripe about other drivers on the road.

From forgetting to signal to texting and driving, possible distractions make truckers nervous.

“You get in that truck, you hold the responsibility of all the people around you,” said Jim Leon, a 30-year trucking veteran with a stellar safety record.

The report uncovered that car drivers allow their cellphones to distract them.

But even bigger problems exist, the report noted.

The biggest problem today exists from drivers changing lanes without signaling. It happens over and over.

“That is a major problem,” said four-year trucker Rozanne Bright, who trains drivers. “They fail to communicate their action, and this happens all the time. It gets to the point when you are amazed when you see people use a blinker.”

When other drivers fail to signal, it hinders people with CDL trucking jobs. This happens because it takes trucks much longer to slow down than other vehicles.


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