The federal regulator for the trucking industry says he’s working to better hear owner-operator’s ELD concerns. However, some attendees at the Mid-America Trucking Show remain frustrated and seek ELD info.

Ray Martinez, administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, spoke at the Mid-American Trucking Show a day after Overdrive published an exclusive interview with him.

In the interview, Martinez noted his commitment toward establishing a better listening strategy for owner-operator’s concerns.

In addition, he acknowledged important ELD issues. These included the search for available parking eating into drive time and the effect of autonomous trucks on future driver jobs. However, these issues have yet to be addressed but remain active concerns.

Also, Martinez claimed in the Overdrive interview that an open-door policy exists at the FMCSA. However, members of the audience at FMCSA’s presentation at the Mid-America Trucking Show did not agree. Some attendees walked out during a presentation on lesser known aspects of ELD compliance. These include the adverse-conditions extension, personal conveyance matters, and a 16-hour maximum duty day for every five 14-hour days for haulers returning to their home terminal.


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