The Women in Trucking Association celebrated female truck drivers with a salute to women truck drivers at Truck World in Canada on April 16.

Women in Trucking has feted female truckers in the United States. However, the event marked the first time women truck drivers in Canada were formally saluted for their hard work.

“We made history,” said Joanne Ritchie, executive director of the Owner Operator’s Business Association. “This has been a long time coming since we’ve wanted to have a salute (in Canada) and we’ve been thinking about it for a long time…so we’re really happy to see so many out here.”

Andreea Crisan, COO of Andy Transport thanked the women truck drivers for “choosing transportation” as a career.

“I’m here today to thank you and thank the sponsors and those companies that encourage the employment of women. But most importantly, the retention of women,” Crisan said. “Today is your day. Ladies, we’re here to celebrate you…so thank you for coming and let us celebrate your courage, your work and your commitment to the industry.”

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