Christmas came a few days late for David Johnson, a 56-year-old truck driver from Brooklyn, New York.  After spending $5 on lottery tickets, including a $2 Powerball ticket, David Johnson is New York’s newest multi-millionaire after he wins the Powerball lottery!

Truck Driver Wins Powerball Lottery

Image via New York Post

Johnson, won the almost $300 million dollar jackpot on Wednesday, December 26th.  Because he wasn’t feeling well, he didn’t even check his ticket until a few days later.  In a spirited interview, Mr. Johnson happily recounts the story from buying the tickets to realizing he was the big winner.

“A friend of mine, the next driver for the company called me and said, ‘Dave somebody won the Powerball at the gas station,’” he said. “I told him no bro that’s not me man. That’s not my luck.”

“I looked at the board and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Jesus, oh my God’” he said. “I jumped up and down in the store….  got back in my car, turned the music up and zoomed on home.”

He collected a check for $114,000,000 earlier this month, after stashing the ticket in the pocket of an old jacket for a week.  Mr. Johnson has since retired, and has plans to invest most of the money for the future.  But he will certainly treat himself to a few things: a new house and a brand new red Porsche – something he’s always wanted to own.


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A truck driver’s quick thinking recently prevented a collision with a school bus. The near-accident occurred in Topeka, Kan., when the school bus entered the path of an oncoming truck driven by Delbert Henson.

Fortunately for the 22 children and school bus driver, Henson recognized the likelihood of a crash, leading him to hit the brakes hard to swerve. His rig subsequently overturned in a ditch, resulting in minor injuries. No students were injured.

Parents are hailing Henson as a hero, reaching out to thank him. “[The students] had some angels watching over them,” said Melissa Bowles, mother of Jaxon, a boy riding the bus that day.



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A man who ran towards a fire to save a trucker stuck in his burning rig last month says God put him there to rescue the driver. The wreck happened last month in Albany, Oregon, but the two still visit each other frequently as the truck driver continues to recover.

According to Statesman Journal, truck driver Terence Jay Shaw was driving on northbound Interstate 5 on the morning of September 1st when he lost control and crashed into an overpass. The force of the impact set his rig on fire and the truck erupted into flames.

As the truck burned with Shaw still inside, Chuck Zeitler came upon the wreck from the southbound side of I-5. Zeitler saw the flames and heard someone screaming for help, so he laid down his motorcycle and rushed to the scene of the fire, pushing through a crowd of people videoing the incident on their phones.

Zeitler ran up to the truck and pulled Shaw out of the burning wreckage and away from the fire. The truck then exploded.

A Lasting Friendship is Formed

Since then, Shaw has been recovering in the burn unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, where Zeitler visits him frequently.

Image from

“We’re best friends now, only because my relief was stuck in traffic, so I had to wait for him to arrive.  If I’d have left at the regular time, I never would have happened upon the wreck.”

– Zeitler humbly explains how circumstances led him to rescue the trucker and gain a best friend.


Despite the praises from the Shaw family, Zeitler shared God put him in the right place at the right time. He simply acted on his instincts after 24 years as a Navy boiler operator.

Zeitler is an elder member of Fusion Faith Center in Albany and recently became a pastor.  He plans on opening a church for bikers soon, as he believes it is his “calling.”

Shaw is still recovering from the wreck. He has had multiple skin grafts on his right arm and side and currently has 23 stitches.


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safe driver week

Truck drivers should prepare for an increased presence by law enforcement this week. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance embark upon its annual Operation Safe Driver Week. It combats unsafe driving behaviors by truckers and passenger car drivers.

The annual enforcement blitz is scheduled for the week of October 15-21. Officers look for speeding, distracted driving, texting and driving, and seat belt usage. In addition, they monitor following too closely, improper lane changes, failure to obey traffic safety devices, and more.

Here are 8 Tips to Help Avoid Fines:

1. Put down the phone.

Law enforcement agencies refer to distracted driving as “the DUI of today.”  Texting while driving is egregious, taking the driver’s attention off the road. But, you also don’t have to be on the road long to spot someone talking on a handset. Both are prohibited by state laws in many cases, but they’re also expressly restricted for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

2. Keep your eyes on the road.

Smartphones aren’t the only culprit. There are plenty of other things in vehicles today that can take a driver’s attention away from the task at hand — i.e., piloting those several tons (or many more) of steel missile on wheels safely.

3. Don’t speed.

Who hasn’t laid into the gas pedal now and then when driving along?  But, watch your speed particularly during Safe Driver Week.  It’s a time of year when road construction is very prevalent, and officers are found paying particular attention to speeders, distracted drivers and so on in construction zones.

4. Buckle up.

Aside from staring at a smartphone, the next-quickest tip-off for enforcement officers to pull drivers over will be failure to wear a seat belt. Some believe seat belts lack comfort. However, for many decades, wearing a seat belt saves lives in crashes.

5. Give way.

Many states have “move over” laws that require drivers to pull away from the closest lane to a stationary police vehicle with flashing lights. Usually tied to the stipulation “if it’s safe to do so.” but if it isn’t safe to switch lanes, these laws may require the driver passing by to slow down considerably.

6. Don’t tailgate.

Do your best to give the driver ahead some room. Truck drivers face particular challenges with this since they’re often cut off by passenger vehicles, sometimes by those entering or exiting the highway or maybe a driver who’s just not paying attention.

7. Straighten up and fly right.

Signal your lane changes properly, don’t blow traffic lights and stop signs and obey the rest of the traffic signs and devices out there. Officers will be watching for those things during Safe Driver Week.

8. Get the rest of your ducks in a row, too.

If an offer cites you or pulls you over, they also check for other violations.  Bradley Penneau, a safety program consultant for Telogis, A Verizon Company, commented in a recent Fleet Owner webinar. He stated that a majority of the top commercial vehicle violations are “BLTs.” Meaning, brakes, lights, and tires.


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101916_drivemyway-003Cleveland, OH – October 26, 2016 – Nasdaq GlobeNewswire welcomes Drive My Way as a partner.

Drive My Way features GlobeNewswire’s trucking industry related news.

“Drive My Way is a trusted resource for drivers and employers. We distinguish ourselves by providing valuable content that celebrates the American truck driver. Overall, the content helps them work and live better through relevant information, entertainment, and inspiration,” said Beth Potratz, Founder, President and CEO of Drive My Way. “We serve as the go-to source for relevant trucking industry news. In addition, incorporating GlobeNewswire’s content as part of our website adds value to our readers.”

Nasdaq GlobeNewswire Welcomes Drive My Way as Partner

On October 19, Drive My Way’s logo was featured on the renowned Nasdaq tower in New York City’s Times Square announcing their partnership.

“GlobeNewswire is internationally recognized as a leading newswire distribution network,” stated Potratz. “Therefore, we are incredibly honored to serve as a channel partner.”


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