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Susan Fall, owner of LaunchIt Public Relations, received PR World’s PR Champion of the Year award for her work in the trucking and transportation industry.

“My personal passion is to improve the image of the truck driver. Because, without them, this country would come to a halt in a matter of days.”

Fall founded LaunchIt in 2000 with a goal of bringing innovative products into the trucking industry. She noticed a discrepancy between management within the industry, and the lack of technology being used to better transportation across the board.

Fall’s firm specifically focuses on maintaining their relationships with experts in the industry. And in return, Fall says this sets her firm apart. She spent the last 20+ years dedicated to media education of the transportation industry.

“Pretty proud of this award because it’s… a personal achievement that I’ve been passionate about since I got involved in the trucking industry 25 years ago,” Fall stated. “Word is spreading about the need to respect and appreciate America’s Truck Drivers! Finally!!”

Even in her acceptance speech, Fall chose to focus solely on raising awareness for the transportation industry.

“It’s not an industry many people think about. When you think about it, every material thing in this room was on a truck, yet a truck driver is perhaps one of the most least appreciated professions out there.”

From all of us here at Drive My Way, congratulations, Susan!


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