CDL truck driving accident leads to more thoughts on rest stops.Have you ever seen 50,000 pounds of potatoes? Those caught in the aftermath traffic got to catch a glimpse of a wrecked semi truck and the scatter of potatoes.

Published by Carla Grace from Live TruckingGrace reported that On May 7 around 2 a.m., CDL truck driver Glan Hamblin was on a delivery from Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina for Frito-Lay. Grace wrote,

As Hamblin was driving down Interstate 77 in North Carolina, he became very sleepy and could hardly stay awake. He began to search for a safe and legal place to stop and rest.

No rest stop was in sight. He was unable to stay awake and crashed near Exit 9. Hamblin only suffered minor injuries.

A week later Grace published another article about the accident reporting new information. Hamblin blames part of his crash on the lack of rest stops in the area. Hamblin mostly drives in the western states. Being new to the area he continued his night drive looking for a rest stop but had no luck.

Although the driver admits fault, he also points blame on the shortage of rest stops for truckers. Hamblin mentioned that because of the rest stop shortage, the few that exist are usually full.

Last year, a complaint was given to Governor Pat McCrory regarding truckers who park for naps along exit ramps. I-77 has a documented shortage of rest spots, and troopers have written most of their tickets in this area.

Hamblin brings up a good point for the state of North Carolina: Should there be more rest stops for people with CDL trucking jobs? According to Grace, hundreds of drivers have been ticketed in the last year for illegal parking. What is the next step for North Carolina and other states with minimal rest stops?

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