Are you happy at your job? What could make you happier?

These were some of the questions answered by over 500 truck drivers nationwide as part of Drive My Way’s 2023 Driver Happiness Survey. The results of this survey were recently released in a report now available to be downloaded as a PDF from this page.  


If you’re unhappy in your current position, you aren’t alone. The survey responses highlighted the issues facing today’s truck drivers, and the factors that could increase driver satisfaction rates across the nation.  


In 2023, only 51% of surveyed drivers said they were happy at their job. Younger and newer drivers especially expressed less satisfaction than older, more experienced drivers, with only 44% of drivers with 1-2 years of experience saying they were happy in their current position.  


These surprising results revealed that driver happiness nationwide has decreased since Drive My Way’s last happiness report in 2019, when 54% of drivers said they were happy in their positions. Today’s drivers are also now nearly twice as likely to look for a new job than those surveyed in 2019.  


When asked what employers could do better to increase satisfaction rates, many drivers agreed on two things: compensation and communication. Communication is seen as especially important by female drivers and new employees, with twice as many women as men reporting that communication was the one thing employers could improve.  


To download Drive My Way’s Driver Happiness Report on the state of satisfaction among professional truck drivers in 2023, just click to this link and enter your information. 


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