Today’s Trucking offers interesting thoughts about millennials in the trucking industry. The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada relaunched its Young Leaders group to engage more people ages 25 to 45 in the industry. Director Mike Colwell and fellow PMTC panelist Elias Demangos lead the program. “Young people are not afraid to work. They just want to work for something more meaningful,” says 32-year- old Demangos.

As Today’s Trucking reports:

“Demangos said the younger smartphone generation moves at a clip. They keep things short and simple in the aim of moving forward. For example, he mentioned the use of smartphone apps like Waze. This allows drivers to navigate and adapt to congested traffic congestions. The app serves as a metaphor for the millennial worker. They navigate and adapt to the modern work environment with baby boomers at the reins.”

The Young Leaders group believes in integrating more technology into training programs and day-to-day operations.

Overall, this approach aims to make the field more accessible to a large portion of the population. In turn, it changes young people’s perspectives about the truck-driving profession.

“Making the workplace more suited to younger generations also means having it furnished with technology. For Young Leaders Group panelist Matt Richardson, this serves as the only way he can get youth through the doors to his training facility. Then, they teach the next generations of drivers and dispatchers. Whether students interact with a large screen or GoPro cameras, the purpose serves beyond appeal and more of a necessity, said Richardson.”

Richardson aims to eliminate boring jobs and brings back a sense of purpose and adventure.

“Youth may get to the finish line differently. But, I think if you provide them a chance, you experience happiness with the finished product,” he says.

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In the game of life, you play to win, but a lazy LinkedIn strategy could hurt your personal brand—and your overall career success. Without knowing it, you could be scaring away valuable connections. So writes Ariella Coombs in a great article for Work It Daily that shows how to get the most from LinkedIn. Follow the below tips and you’ll be on your way to acing your next trucking job interview, or at least landing one.

1. Give your profile a facelift

Kick the dust off of your old, stale LinkedIn profile and give it an update. How old is that photo? When was the last time you updated your accomplishments?

2. Search for professionals working in your field or at your target company

I’m constantly on the look out for people who work in my field or work at companies I admire. Many times, they’re just sitting in my “People You May Know” list. So, I try to casually browse through it at least once a week.


Another way you can do this is to search the company or industry you’re interested in. LinkedIn has a great search function that allows you to find people, companies, groups, and more.

3. Connect with people the RIGHT way

Nothing bothers me more about LinkedIn than when someone tries to connect with me using that generic, vague message, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

(Or my least favorite, most creepy invitation, “Since you’re a person I trust, I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.”)

C’mon guys. If you really want to connect with someone, don’t be lazy – it shows. Be specific. Tell him or her WHO you are and WHY you want to connect with them. You will have a better chance of getting accepted and building a valuable connection that way.

4. Nurture your connections

Don’t just connect with people and forget about them. What’s the point in that?

Check in with them once and a while. Share relevant articles with them. Endorse them. Give them a recommendation. Doing these things will help you stay relevant to your connections and increases the chance that they’ll think of you when an opportunity presents itself.

5. Keep a “fit” LinkedIn presence

Stay active. Share articles in your feed. Write a blog post on LinkedIn’s platform once and awhile. Update your profile on a regular basis – whether that’s every week, two weeks or month. Just stay on top of things! It will be easier to keep up with that way.

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stayyounghealthy.comNo matter how hard you to try to relax, life’s stresses always have away of rising to the surface. Paying the bills, managing a family and staying on top of unexpected curve balls life throws our way  isn’t easy. But the website Stay Young & Healthy asserts that if we take the following steps, we’ll soon be on the road to lasting fulfillment. It’s worth a shot.

1. Always think positively

You know a positive mind keeps you always in good mood and makes you feel good. A positive way of thinking is better several times than a negative thought. So, try to keep your mind away from negative feelings and thoughts.

2. Earn enough money

I know that money is not everything for you, but it is essential to live a life. It is hard to say how much money you should earn, but your income should be so much that you can buy food to eat well, clothes to put on and have a house to live in.

3. Have regular workouts

You know a healthy body and mind is necessary to have a happy life, and having regular workouts is helpful. For a healthy body and mind, it is not necessary to do exercises of high intensity. Just run or go for a long morning or evening walk. Burn at least 100 calories a day by doing exercises.

4. Have a balanced diet

It is clear that you can have a healthy body and mind only through exercising and eating a balanced diet. Whatever you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it must have all nutritional elements, including carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

5. Be in close contact with your spouse, family members and friends

You know loneliness can keep you away from happiness. So, it is good for you to keep close to your spouse, family members and friends. They will help you stay away from loneliness.

6. Watch funny and light programs

Watch funny programs on TV to keep yourself in a light mood. These funny and light programs make you laugh and this makes you feel good.

7. Enjoy the every moment of your present life

You should never look back into the past as it can affect badly your present. Just focus on your present and keep away from the bad happenings of the past. If you want to look into your past, do it only for learning lessons and not for having bad impact.


8. Love the work you do

I know some of you are not satisfied with your current professional life. Always keep in mind that the professional life is filled with several ups and downs. So, you should not get worried when a bad time comes in your way. Do the work with joy and full dedication. Always love your current job and keep in mind that there could be a better job in the future.

9. Love yourself

You know no one is perfect in this world. Everyone wants to be perfect in one’s work and learn from one’s mistakes. So, it is good for you to accept who you are. Keep going on in the way of being perfect and be always ready to learn.

10. Express gratitude and kindness

OK, this is our own. But at Drive My Way, we have found that by feeling grateful for the little things in our lives and showing kindness toward others, we feel happier and more fulfilled. We’re betting you will, too. Connect with us here and become part of our community today!


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finance habits

Sure, half a minute doesn’t sound like much time, but turns out you can get a lot done in half a minute–if you adopt some of these great habits. And they can have a lasting impact on your career and finances.

As soon as you pour that cup of morning joe, pinpoint your top three—and only three—most crucial to-dos for the day,” states the Fast Company article.”Once you’ve identified what’s important, you’ll often find it’s not many things,” says Josh Davis, Ph.D., author of . “Having a small number of things also makes it easier [to accomplish the tasks].”

Davis, the author of “Two Awesome Hours: Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done,” suggests blocking off the two best hours each day for accomplishing those three tasks. He also suggests writing things down, such as important points right after a meeting, to help cement details in your memory.

Taking small steps like these can put you on the path to success quickly.

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