Today’s Trucking offers interesting thoughts about millennials in the trucking industry. The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada relaunched its Young Leaders group to engage more people ages 25 to 45 in the industry. Director Mike Colwell and fellow PMTC panelist Elias Demangos lead the program. “Young people are not afraid to work. They just want to work for something more meaningful,” says 32-year- old Demangos.

As Today’s Trucking reports:

“Demangos said the younger smartphone generation moves at a clip. They keep things short and simple in the aim of moving forward. For example, he mentioned the use of smartphone apps like Waze. This allows drivers to navigate and adapt to congested traffic congestions. The app serves as a metaphor for the millennial worker. They navigate and adapt to the modern work environment with baby boomers at the reins.”

The Young Leaders group believes in integrating more technology into training programs and day-to-day operations.

Overall, this approach aims to make the field more accessible to a large portion of the population. In turn, it changes young people’s perspectives about the truck-driving profession.

“Making the workplace more suited to younger generations also means having it furnished with technology. For Young Leaders Group panelist Matt Richardson, this serves as the only way he can get youth through the doors to his training facility. Then, they teach the next generations of drivers and dispatchers. Whether students interact with a large screen or GoPro cameras, the purpose serves beyond appeal and more of a necessity, said Richardson.”

Richardson aims to eliminate boring jobs and brings back a sense of purpose and adventure.

“Youth may get to the finish line differently. But, I think if you provide them a chance, you experience happiness with the finished product,” he says.

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