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Robert Moody has worked as a truck driver since 1976, most recently as a company driver for Lincoln, Neb.-based Crete-Shaffer. He’s on medical leave now due to a heart ailment that nearly killed him. While he’s on leave from his CDL trucking job, Moody has delved deeper into another one of his passions—photography.

Moody estimates he’s taken 500 photos from his truck over the years, all on the Nikon D2X camera he bought 10 years ago. We asked Moody to share with us his favorite photos and the backstory behind them. His insights are as captivating as his photographs.

Sharpshooters: The Truck Drivers with a Talent for Photography

This photo taken in Grand Teton National Park is your favorite. Why?

It was one of the first I took when I started taking photos seriously. I got there early in the morning before the sun rose. I set up my tripod. There were other people there, but with the clouds, they all left. They didn’t think it would be any good. It ended up being really good. The sun peeked out a little bit through the clouds. It lit everything up. Nobody was there but me.

What caught your eye with it?

The barn itself has a lot of character. That barn is a statement to its durability. You build something right, it lasts.

robert-rainbowWhere was this taken?

Cave of the Winds, Niagara Falls, on the U.S. side. There’s so much mist and wind there, you can’t use a tripod or your camera gets soaked. I had to hold the camera under my raincoat and take it out to shoot. This was the first big picture I ever sold. I sold it at an art show in Rochester, N.Y. It’s one of my favorite photos. The dark blue sky, the power of the water, the rainbow. All of it together is calming.

How has photography impacted your medical leave?

I use photography as a therapy while I’m going through this. There’s a park here in New York called Glenn Park. It’s really beautiful. I go there a lot. If you position your camera right you wouldn’t have a clue you’re in a city.

robert-fall-trees-by-waterWhat is it about this picture?

This is Oxbow Bend, Wyoming. I probably get more comments on this picture than any other. People like this photo. I live in Williamsville, N.Y., where you don’t see stuff like this. This picture makes me think that no matter how dark and gloomy life might get, there’s still light, there’s still something beautiful out there.

What motivates you?

I like national park landscape. I think I got my desire to shoot from my uncle. He used to take us to the zoo. He was really into photography. Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to take pictures.


Yosemite is my favorite national park

It’s massive, the sheer cliffs, the waterfalls coming off them. It’s so incredibly beautiful. I can imagine people crossing in their covered wagons and asking, “How are we getting through this one?” It’s an incredible place. This photo was taken in May at Tunnel View on Hwy. 41. I’m pretty religious, so I see God all over this picture.

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