fleetowner.comOn the hunt for a phone earpiece that will stand up to the demanding environment of trucking? One from ToughTested Safe Driving Mono Earbud is marketed toward people with CDL trucking jobs, so Fleet Owner gave it a closer look. How did it fare? Here’s what the magazine found:

This ToughTested earpiece comes with a notable five-year warranty

This indicates a vote of confidence well beyond typical clauses backing consumer electronics. It’s got Kevlar on the inside of the cord — which is coiled in two places to help prevent hanging wire from getting snagged and tangled — and polyurethane on the outside, and the maker says it has “reinforced stress-relief” to provide 10,000 uses.

It’s also certified protected from dust and splashes of water

In addition, it features a very significant outside noise reduction capability of up to 23 decibels. All that, and the thing retails for $39.99.

You start by choosing your earpiece end from two included “Flexfoam” and two “tree tips” — one large and one smaller of each — with the tree tips being the tiered, soft rubber variety often found on earbuds. Those offer what may be a more comfortable fit but less noise isolation. However, the Flexfoam ends resembles earplugs commonly used in shops. You pinch and roll with your fingers before inserting into your ear.

The product offers plenty of volume and noise isolation using a Flexfoam end to hear phone conversations.

In even the loudest noise —  that’d be some wind, road and water-spray noise coming at my left ear as well as vehicle noise at highway speed — the earpiece stayed in place and I could hear (and be heard), and the earpiece’s volume wasn’t even dialed up all the way.

Read the rest of the Fleet Owner review here to learn what its weakest points were.


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