Jeff Martin brings trucking industry expertise to Drive My Way as Director of Sales

Jeff MartinDrive My Way announced that Jeff Martin has joined its team as the Director of Sales. Drive My Way matches CDL truck drivers and owner operators with jobs based on their professional qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences.

Jeff has spent several years in the transportation industry, specifically in the driver recruiting space. He has a passion for simplifying the lives of driver recruiters while simultaneously creating a better experience for drivers during the recruiting process.

“I could not be more excited to join the Drive My Way team. What the driver recruiting industry needs is to truly reduce friction from the recruiting process. Drive My Way eliminates it matching the right driver to the right job, making the experience completely personal for both the driver and the recruiter,” shared Jeff Martin.

Jeff has held senior roles at a number of prominent transportation software companies, including Tenstreet, Trucker Path, and DriverReach. His experiences have given him a unique insight into all aspects of the driver recruiting process, but his main expertise lies in helping carriers find the right driver the first time.

“We are thrilled to have Jeff join our team at Drive My Way. He brings a refreshing passion for driver recruiting and helping companies solve their driver recruiting challenges in new innovative ways,” said Beth Potratz, CEO of Drive My Way.

About Drive My Way

Drive My Way is disrupting truck driver recruiting by treating the driver as a consumer in the employment relationship. Drive My Way is a next-generation recruiting marketplace powered by a patented and proprietary platform that matches CDL truck drivers and owner operators with jobs based on their qualifications and personal preferences. Drive My Way’s driver-centric technology lets both the driver and hiring manager know how well they match to each job before entering the hiring process. Drive My Way is making truck driver recruiting personal again by creating meaningful connections for employers to turn into lasting relationships. Employers partner with Drive My Way to start recruiting for retention.

Jeff Martin

Evolve Your Driver Recruiting Strategy

Drive My Way partners with employers to help them recruit for retention. Book a meeting with Jeff Martin to discuss how Drive My Way is making driver recruiting personal again.

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hire salespeopleFortune magazine always is full of helpful business advice, and they’re back at it with a few great tips for hiring quality salespeople who will stand the test of time.

First, bosses must realize that talented salespeople don’t always make talented sales managers.

“Selling and managing, including hiring, require very different sets of skills,” notes Dave Stein, co-author of Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World.

Stein spent the past 30 years coaching sales teams and their bosses. He says that whoever promoted you without enough management training “deserves at least half the accountability” for your current pickle. He points to research showing that the failure rate among star salespeople “rewarded” with promotions like yours is a startling 85%.

So what should you do instead? Here are three great ways to hire the right people, in Stein’s view:

1. Don’t go it alone

A time-tested way to tell how well someone will fit into your organization’s culture, and understand its goals, is to invite a couple of colleagues to sit in on meetings with candidates. Stein recommends a three-person interviewing team, but they don’t have to be the same two people (besides you) every time. If the manager who initially hired you is still there, for instance, you might ask him or her, along with perhaps a high-performing member of your current sales team. The point is to get more than one set of insights about each applicant.

2. Stick to a consistent hiring process

Stein has seen many sales managers go wrong by trying to wing it. “You need to think hard about precisely which skills and attributes your best salespeople have, based on what’s been most effective in reaching your particular customers,” he says. “Once you have that profile, make a list of interview questions with definite right and wrong answers — no exceptions.” This takes a lot of thought ahead of time, he adds, but it’s worth the extra effort, since relying on a “disciplined, black-and-white set of hiring criteria cuts sales-staff turnover to an annual rate of 5% to 15%.”3.

3. Require candidates to simulate real-life sales calls

It’s hard to guess how well someone will perform without seeing him or her in action, so Stein recommends role-playing exercises he calls simulations. “I’ve known many sales managers who have been horrified or embarrassed during their first customer meeting with a new rep they just hired,” he says. “It happens more often than you would guess.”

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