livetrucking.comSometimes an average day on the job turns into something quite a bit more. That happened to four truckers when their paths crossed in fateful fashion.

Live Trucking wrote about the act of truck driving heroism that is definitely one to remember:

Early on the morning of November 21, a trucker in Michigan found his life in peril when his gasoline tanker crashed and burst into flames. Luckily there were three truckers passing by who were able to help and have been credited with saving his life.

It happened on a northbound Interstate 196 off-ramp, just north of South Haven, Mich..

The truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline at the time that the driver Michael Bennett lost control and overturned the truck. He was ejected from the cab at the moment of impact, and the fire started spreading quickly.

The three truckers who saved his life happened to be driving by at the time and all pulled over to help.

They successfully pulled Michael away from the burning wreckage, and he was then taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The helpful truckers identified as Jeff Hunter, Shawn Crittendon and Chad Edgington. Michael’s family has expressed their desire to take the good Samaritans out to dinner.

Sometimes being a truck driver involves a lot more than getting from Point A to Point B. Connect with us here to learn about truck drivers who are out there making a difference every day.


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driver life saverIt’s Friday, and boy do we have a feel-good story for you. It’s always nice when the feel-good story is about the heroics of a truck driver, too, as this one is. Thanks to Today’s Trucking for putting it out there.

According to the magazine, a truck driver in eastern Ontario pulled a woman from her smoking car–and likely saved her life in the process. It all happened on a remote section on highway in eastern Ontario, where driver Paul Peiris was on his route and saw a car flip over, twice.

“Without a second thought, (he) stopped and positioned his tractor-trailer across both lanes to block traffic in the hope that someone else would stop and provide additional support,” Today’s Trucking wrote. “With the road blocked, Paul immediately called 911 and rushed over to the occupant to see if he could help.”

When he got there, Peiris knew the gravity of the situation right away. The woman was trapped in her car, and the car was starting to smoke, the article stated.

“Because the doors were jammed and the car was upside down, he broke the window, carefully pulled her out, and carried her to safety.

“I’m just glad I was there to witness the accident,” he told Today’s Trucking. “If I hadn’t, I’m not sure anyone would have seen the car.”


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Clinton Blackbunew-herorn of Morehead, Ky., is one of 18 winners of the Carnegie Medal. The medal is awarded quarterly by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. Honorees receive a financial grant for their efforts.

Blackburn, 44, is credited with saving the life of Darrell Herndon, a jailer from Spencer County, Ky., who was being strangled by a prisoner he was transporting along a Kentucky highway in March 2014.

Herndon was transporting a prisoner who had escaped his handcuffs and was strangling Herndon from the back seat. Herndon stopped the car on an interstate median and opened his door, attracting the attention of Blackburn, who pulled over and began trying to free the officer from the prisoner.

Blackburn remained modest about his heroism, however.

“I just thank the good Lord for putting me where he did,” Blackburn said. Read more here.

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