The Best Cities for People With CDL Trucking JobsWhile drivers often live on the road, they also have a home base. So what are the top 10 cities for truck drivers to live in?

Sparefoot and recently released a survey with the answers as reported by Forbes. They looked into the average salary for drivers, median household pricing and median cost to rent in that city. They also looked at which cities had the largest percentage of driving jobs.

Atlanta ranked No. 1, followed by Charlotte, N.C., and Columbus Ohio. Atlanta’s average salary was $64,000 and it had the lowest rent as a percentage of salary (24.3%).

What seems to be the most beneficial part of the survey is that the top 10 was built around multiple factors, not one or two.

Dallas, for example, ranks in the top five for both percent share of job listings and average annual salary, but it falls to No. 8 on the overall list because of its higher prices of living.

Where you live doesn’t have to determine where you stand economically, but it certainly helps.

What other cities made the top 10? Indianapolis (4th) Chicago (5th), Houston (6th), Kansas City, Mo. (7th), Louisville, Ky. (9th), Nashville (10th).

To learn more about how each city fared in the evaluation categories, view Forbes top 10 cities for truck drivers slideshow here.

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