Drive My Way is honored to be involved with Fuel Accelerator, a 16-week program sponsored by RevUnit, Startup Junkie, and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission that is tasking a cohort of nine startups with tackling the biggest supply chain and logistics challenges currently facing established industries. The program gives supply chain startups the training necessary to become enterprise ready.

While the need for speedy transportation has increased, many companies struggle to find and retain truck drivers.

Drive My Way, a personalized recruiting marketplace for truck drivers, redesigns and disrupts the way the trucking industry recruits. The company uses proprietary software to match drivers with available jobs based on qualifications and lifestyle preferences.

Drive My Way founder and CEO Beth Potratz created Drive My Way after seeing the job marketplace evolve and employment relationships change in the gig economy.

According to Potratz, the trucking industry’s recruiting marketplace is “highly fragmented, inefficient, and ultimately ineffective.”

This has resulted in driver shortage and high turnover, but Potratz says Drive My Way helps to make the recruitment process transparent and puts the focus on the driver. Therefore, this “puts the driver in control of the process.”

Moving into the Fuel Accelerator, Drive My Way begins an “aggressive growth plan,” Potratz says. During the Fuel Accelerator, she plans to increase both the number of drivers and recruiters using the platform.

“I expect that Drive My Way will be in a position to further build a critical mass of registered drivers, accelerate the adoption of our technology with subscribing carriers, secure strategic relationships with large carriers that are leaders in their segment and further grow our brand and online community,” she says.

About Drive My Way

Drive My Way™ is a unique, personalized recruiting marketplace powered by a platform that matches CDL drivers and owner operators with jobs based on their professional qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences, such as schedule, type of haul, benefits and more. Drive My Way matches drivers with jobs that allow them to live the lives that they want and matches carriers with talent that is both qualified and engaged. Drive My Way’s driver-centric technology lets both the driver and recruiter know how well they match to each job before entering the hiring process; shifting the focus from quantity and volume to quality and best fit.