Fatal work-related injuries to commercial truck drivers last year reached a critical point, and not in a good way. In fact, driver fatalities in 2014 reached their highest level in six years, states a summary of preliminary results from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for 2014, just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Chart: Bureau of Labor Statistics
work related fatality


BLS said that “transportation and material moving occupations” accounted for the largest share (28%) of fatal occupational injuries of any group of workers last year. Fatal work injuries in this group climbed 3 percent to 1,289 incidents in 2014, marking the highest total since 2008 (see BLS chart above). Heavy-truck and tractor-trailer drivers incurred their highest total since 2008– with 725 fatalities recorded in 2014.

According to the census, truck drivers and drivers/sales workers accounted for nearly two out of every three fatal injuries in the overall group (835 of the 1,289 fatal injuries in 2014). BLS also found that in 2014, transportation-related fatal work injuries rose slightly, from 1,865 in 2013 to 1,891 in 2014.

Overall, the article stated, transportation incidents accounted for 40 percent of fatal workplace injuries in 2014.


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