Drivers well know about the shortage of drivers out there. After all, they’re living that reality. But that doesn’t make the problem any easier to accept.

ttnews.comThe American Trucking Associations says the shortage is hitting the for-hire trucking industry most, with drivers who typically don’t get home for a week or more. And with Baby Boomers hitting retirement in high numbers now, the shortage isn’t expected to stop anytime soon.

“It’s not the most appealing career in the world,” says Jon Coca, president of Diamond Transportation Systems. “And there are roadblocks to becoming one in the first place.”

The shrinking pool of drivers is further compounded by the lifestyle of the long-haul driver. After all, many such drivers don’t get to spend much time at home.

“Often it’s a job of last resort,” Costello says, so. transportation companies have been raising pay, he says.

Sean Kilcarr, executive editor of the trucking trade publication Fleet Owner, observes that the driver shortage is nothing new; it’s been coming for the last 20 years as an onslaught of truck drivers churned toward retirement. Young people during that period, meanwhile, opted for college instead of driving careers.

“(We should) make the career available just coming out of high school,” Coca said. “I think that would increase the driver pool.”

Several other challenges to entry into the truck driving field exist as well. To learn more about them, read the full article here. 

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