Tips and tricks to help you keep up with the New Year

As March approaches, many of us are looking back on the resolutions we made ourselves on January 1 with greatly reduced expectations. That promise to eat healthier has become a vow to eat bacon only every other day, and that commitment to a daily morning run has turned back into your morning walk to the fridge. Making a change to your daily routine is harder than it looks — more than half of all New Year’s Resolutions fail. The temptation to fall back into our old ways is all around us, but here at Drive My Way, we’re committed to help you stick to your resolutions to make this year your best year yet.

If your resolution was to eat healthier…

Nearly 40% of Americans vow every year to sneak some extra fruits and veggies into their diet. This can seem like a daunting task when you’re on the road all day, especially with all the chips and other unhealthy options at rest stops and gas stations. To keep your diet on track consider preparing and packing meals the day before that can be kept in a small cooler.

Cold items, like yogurt and salads, are great for a quick breakfast or lunch on the go.

For dinner, consider a pasta dish full of veggies and your favorite sauce. Pack in a microwave-safe container to easily heat up in the microwave.

Mini bags of carrots and single-serving hummus or an apple with peanut butter both great alternatives to the snacks you’d normally find on the road.

If your resolution was to exercise more…

Getting in your daily crunches might seem like a daunting task for truckers, especially when you’re on the road all day. But fear not! We’ve found some great ways to help you get in shape while on the job. See our article on Exercises You Can Do On The Road for more information.

If your resolution was to save money…

Packing meals can help you save money and eat healthier. Research has found that the number one thing drivers spend their money on is food. By packing snacks and small meals with you, you’ll be less inclined to stop at a fast-food restaurant and you will save yourself some cash and calories.

Sign up for a fuel rewards card. This card will save you money on gas, food, and truck maintenance, and some offer free rewards once you’ve reached certain spending limits.

Make sure you’re getting the best gas mileage your truck can offer. Playing around with RPM and making sure your tires are inflated and aligned properly will help you save in the long run. Using a better GPS app, such as Waze, will help you find the most efficient routes so you’re not wasting time and gas.

Take advantage of free wifi at rest stops. Phone bill fees really add up — quickly. Make sure to log in to the wifi when you make a stop in order to avoid hefty fees for going over your monthly data.

If your resolution was to de-stress…

Put down the screen! Looking at your phone or GPS screen for too long can cause strain on the eyes, and lead to headaches and migraines. During your down time, consider picking up a book or a magazine. Research shows that reducing the amount of blue light you see before bed also helps your brain know it’s time to sleep, helping you get a better night’s rest.

Try downloading a meditation app like Headspace. Sit in a chair or in your truck, and place your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Put your palms face down on your lap and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply for 10-15 minutes, and try to keep your mind blank. Taking an extra ten minutes each morning or evening to unwind can be extremely beneficial to your mental and emotional well-being, especially after a long day on the road.

Ensure that you’re getting enough exercise. Take frequent breaks from driving and take a lap or two around your truck. Exercise creates endorphins, which allow your body to relax and boost your mood. Even one short walk each day can help reduce stress over a time.

When setting New Year’s Resolutions, it is important that you set smaller goals so you don’t get overwhelmed. By chunking up a larger goal into smaller bits, it becomes more manageable and you’ll be more motivated to achieve them. Even small, daily changes can lead to something big!


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