Wabco System introduced it latest collision mitigation system and it has some great improvements. The system uses a 77GHz radar which allows it to track both moving and stationary objects. Here is a list of some more great benefits.

  • Radar system works in all weather conditions
  • A dual-mode allows both long-range and adjacent lane views
  • The system provides active braking on moving, stopping and stationary vehicles to mitigate or prevent impending rear-end collisions.


WABCO safety systems deliver measurable, real-world benefits to fleets, Varty noted. He cited company data which indicated that fleets have seen 24 percent fewer fatalities when using OnGuard, 53 percent fewer rollovers with the company’s ESCsmart stability system and 5,200 fewer vehicle crashes thanks to its mBSP modular braking system.

Also of note: fleets using full suites of WABCO vehicle efficiency systems such as tire pressure monitoring systems and adaptive cruise control can realize up to 10 percent boosts in single vehicle fuel economy.  Read more…

Image from ccjdigital.com