In an article on Oct. 20, David Cullen, executive editor of Heavy Duty Trucking featured. Overall, he wrote that a survey found that for U.S. and Canadian carriers and drivers, Hours of Service rules have again proven to be the premier concern.

Cullen gleaned the information from American Transportation Research Insitute (ATRI) figures presented at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition.

The ATRI survey generated 1,388 complete responses

Overall, this resulted in a 21% increase over last year, Cullen reported. In his article, he wrote:

“ATRI said this time around its prominence as a key issue is being driven principally by the “uncertainty surrounding the future of the regulations” as well as “concern over the uncertain future of the current suspension of the [HOS] rules.” By contrast, for the past two years, it was the substantial impact HOS places on supply chains that kept it ranked first.

Other points of concern on the list

Overall, the challenges the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration faces with its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program and the driver shortage. Wrote Cullen in further explanation, “ATRI pointed out that CSA as a concern moved up in the face of both carriers and drivers continuing to question the relationship between the scores the program generates and safety performance.”

In addition, rounding out the top five concerns of drivers and carriers included driver retention. Also, the lack of safe truck parking made the list.


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